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FOBTYJTOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. On. 180. 1876. 87 they shall have power to revise assessments theretofore made by them P<>W¤1‘ *0 ¤>V*¤¤ or any of them, or by their predecessors in office, appointed under the ““““m°“”· act of March third eighteen hundred and seventy five, by either justly increasing or justly diminishing any particular assessment. Upon the assessment so as aforesaid made and finally revised, the tax hereinbe- Tax levied on rofore provided for shall be levied, and the collector of taxes shall be in Viwl ¤S¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤t· readiness to receive payment of the same on and after the fifteenth day Perm ¤¤l¤¤ {6* of November, eighteen hundred and seventy six. Said assessors, be- gzlgiir l*_§"i;761\°' , fore entering upon their duties, shall respectively take or subscribe an ’ ' oath or affirmation, before any ofucer authorized to administer oaths or ··A¤¤¢¤S<>f’¤ <>=¤l¤\¤· afiirmations in said District, to faithfully discharge the duties of their said office; which oaths, when taken, shall be certified by the persons before whom the same shall have been taken, and shall be filed with the Commissioners of the District. In case the assessors shall fail to com- Asscssor’s fonnro plete any of the duties in this act to be by them performed within the *°,°,;>P*Pl°*° *1**:*;*** time provided therefor, the taxation provided by this act shall not by ;°f};c;°t;;m° "° ° reason thereof be invalid, but such assessors shall proceed with all rea- ` sonable diligence to complete such duties, and their acts shall be valid, _ as if performed within the time fixed therefor. Sec. 13. That the treasurer of the District, upon receiving any mon- _Depositofco1leceys, shall forthwith deposit the same in the Treasury of the United **°°¤· States; and said moneys thus deposited shall be drawn from the Treasury of the United States only in such sums and at such times as the HOW d¤‘¤W¤· same shall_ be actually required, and only for the expenditures authorized by law, and only upon warrants of the accounting officers of the District, and issued under the direction of the Commissioners of the District or their successors in office Sec. 14. That the Commissioners of the District or their successors in Ad,i¤¤*¤¤¤>¤'¤ 0 f office are hereby authorized to reduce, adjust, and equalize the pay or ““1““°“‘ salaries of all officers or employees payable from the funds of the District government in whole or in part: Provided, however, That the aggregate sum of pay and salaries shall not be increased beyond the present aggregate amount of pay and salaries. Sec. 15. That the third section of the act of the legislative assembly Aotofiogisianve of the District of Columbia entitled “An act prescribing the mode of ”*“°“'l’1Y“'“°"‘1°‘l· assessment for special improvements, and providing for the collection _ thereof," approved August tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, shall be, and is hereby, amended so that the sales under said law shall Advmmmmmf be advertised twice a week for three successive weeks, instead of as sms, heretofore required. ' SEO. 1G. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia an`d the Ou1igatious of commissioners of the sinking fund of said District shall destroy by burn- W ¤ S h 1 ¤ 2 i ° ¤· ing all bonds, sewer-certincates, and other obligations of every kind of G:?{g($;’°;;3g°:,;(Q’ the city of Washington, the city of Georgetown, or the District of Co- E0 bg burned, ’ lumbia, whatsoever, heretofore paid or redeemed by either of said boards under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, and shall preserve the evidence thereof as shall be prescribed by said Secretary. _ Sec. 17. That the period of redemption be, and is hereby, extended Redemption of for one year as respects the property of which, for the want of sufficient °°F¤°·*¤ Pl`°_P°’°Y bids, the District of Columbia became the purchaser at the tax sale, g%'fg;’;t;’,¥d]3ésf‘°f under the act of Congress approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred 1é'f4’ 6h_ gsi, and seventy-four, entitled “An act for the government of the District 18 Stat., 116. of Columbia and for other purposes " as amended by section thirteen, of an act of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-Eve entitled Win act making appropriations to supply deficien- 1g15,cb_ ]627d13, 0198 in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, 18 Stat., 506. eightegn hundred and seventy-Eve, and prior years, and for other pur- , poses. Sec. 18. That all laws and ordinances now in force in the city of wstopmx, etc., Washington, relating to the payment and collection of water-taxes, 1¤·W¤ ¤X¢¤¤d¢d· water-rents, and taxation for water-mains be, and they are hereby, extended to and made operative over all parts of the District of Colum-