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 Q <€)$§;·§`Q}FoBTY·FoUB/IH CONGRESS. Sess. -I. `OH. 226. 1876,

(5 . . Ggm . gp . . . . . . . . rh- For rovidin sur cal appliances for the relief of persons disabled m Q%“°§%>“® the milgtary orgnavrgl service of the United States, and not included _ CD Q3` within the terms of any law granting artificial limbs or other special m. .

 €,`€\/Y` lief, ive thousand dollars. `

%® \’ ·=~ ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. Engineer 4.,,,.,4, For engineer depot at Willet’s Point, New York, namely: •t Willevs Point. For remodeling portions of bridge-equipage to make it correspond with the new patterns; for necessary materials for properly drilling the engineer-companies in iield-duties; for incidental expenses of the depot, fuel, forage, chemicals, stationery, extra-duty pay, purchase of animals, and ordinary repairs, five thousand dollars. GRDNANOE DEPABTNDENT. 0 rdnaneeserv- For the ordnanceservice, required to defray_ the current expenses at we- the arsenals; of receiving stores and issuing arms and other ordnancesupplies; of police and ofdce duties; of rents, tolls, fue1,_ and lights; of stationery and office furniture; of tools and instruments for use ; of public animals, forage, and vehicles; incidental expenses of the ordnanceservice, including those attending practical trials and tests of ordnance, ` _ small-arms, and other ordnance-supplies, one hundred thousand dollars: Pr°"*¤°· Provided, That none of the money hereby appropriated shall be expended, directly or indirectly, for any use not strictly necessary for, and directly connected with, the military service of the Government; . and this restriction shall apply to the use of public animals, forage, and Pmviso. vehicles: And provided further, That none of the money hereby appropriated shall be expended for the construction or repair of buildings. Metallic emma- For manufacture of metallic ammunition for small-arms, seventy-nve muon. _ _ thousand dollars. tP'°¤°"“*% mw For overhauling, cleaning, and preserving new ordnance stores on S °r°°"_ _ hand at the arsenals, thirty thousand dollars. R°P***“”€ °'d‘ For repairing ordnance and ordnance-stores in the hands of troops “°’“°°‘ and for issue at the arsenals and depots, thirty-five thousand dollars. 0¥d¤**¤°° °*’°’°°· For purchase and manufacture of ordnance-stores, to fill requisitions of troops, and for alteration of carriages now in use in sea-coast forts, _ one hundred thousand dollars. E<1*¤Pm°¤*°· For infantry, cavalry. and artillery equipments, consisting of valises, haversacks, canteens, and great- coat stra-ps, and for recovering cavalry- saddles with leather, and of manufacture of saddle-bags, and repairing horse equipments for cavalry troops, ninety thousand dollars. _ N<>Wl>¤>•=¤!r1¤¤d· For manufacture, at national armories, of the new model breech-load- ‘“§8’.}‘£‘“,§ft§;6 ing musket and carbine, adopted for the military service on recom- 17 SQ,,,; c61f mendation of the board of oiliicers convened under act of June sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, one hundred thousand dollars. h A¤¤Yu°m°°’° °° Sec. 2. That when any oincer travels under orders, and is not furnished . '"° “‘ °°g°' transportation "by the Quartermastens Department, or on a conveyance belonging to or chartered by the United States, or on any railroad on which the troops and supplies of the United States are entitled to be transported free of charge he shall be allowed eight cents a mile, and no more, for each mile actually traveled under such order, distances to · · be calculated by the shortest usually traveled route; and so much of R. 8.,1273, p.220, section twelve hundred and seventy-three of the Revised Statutes, or of amended- any act as conflicts with the provisions of this section, is hereby repealed; and no part of the sum appropriated by this act shall be used for the Army omcersnot payment of any oiilcer of the field or line who, by appointment or otherto have additives! wise, shall be in the performance of any duties of a civil nature in or ` PW f°"°“”l d“*‘°“· about any of the Executive Departments of the Government other than for his pay and allowances as an officer of the Army. Military po st- Sec. 3. That every military post may have one trader, to be appointed

  • ¤‘“°*‘¤· by the Secretary of War, on the recommendation of the council of administration, approved by the commanding officer who shall be subject

in all respects to the rules and regulations for the government of the Army.