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['l() FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 246. 1876.

District of Columbia: And provided further, That the duties devolved A¤¤h<>ri‘y of and the authority conferred upon the board of Metropolltan Police by l gg "°““? °“°“d°" ‘° law for police purposes, in said District, shall extend to and include all °“bh° °q°M°°` public squares or places , and said board is hereby authorized and re. . quired to make appropriate rules and regulations in relation thereto. . j Public buildings UNDER THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

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M1,,u1,,,; Punmo Bomnmcsz-gloprt Hoppe andhpost otliicénmetlanta, Georgia: 1, For continuation of the ui ding teen thousand dollars. M B<>¤i¤>¤; Sub-treasury and post-office, Eoston Massachusetts : For purchase of additional land condemned by the courts of the State of Massachusetts, g; including interest and expenses incident, two hundred and thirty-five g _ thousand dollars. · 5 Cincinnati; Custom House and post-office, Cincinnérg, ghioz For continuation of Q building, two hundred and fifty thousan dollars. V g EV¤¤¤ViU¤3 Custom House, court-hoéise and posgcgfiice, Evansville, Indiana: For ‘ continuation of building, fty thousan ollars. Fall River; Custom-House and post-office, Fall Rivéeré Massachusetts: For con- · tinuation of building twenty-five thousan dollars. "mf°"1? Custom-House aud,post-oflice, Hartford, Connecticut: For continue- ` tion of building, one hundred thousand dollars. · i»§¤<=<>i¤; Court-House, and post-oftice, Lincoln, Nebraska: For completing the building thirty thousand dollars and for grading approac es urni· ; ture and carpets, ten thousand dollars. · ,_ New orl<>=m¤; Custom-House, New Orleans, Louisiana: Iéorécampletion of building, 7 repairs an alterations twenty-nine thousan dollars. Gi-and Rapids; C0url2—House and post-officc Grand Rapids, Michigan: For continue- I tion of the building twentynve thousand dollars. § . . Assay-Office, Helena, Montana: For repayment for site of building, [mom' one thousand five hundred dollars Jersey City; For the removing and rcmodelling of the building now on the lot and . premises in Jersey City, New Jersey, belonging to the United States, » tor the purpose of a post·office, all the uncxpended balance of the » 2 amount heretofore appropriated for purchasing the said lot and premises 5 ‘ for the site of a post-office building in said city, being thirty thousand g dogars, apd also in addition thereto, the sum of twelve thoifsand dollars. _ `¢ Trenton; ourt- ouse and post office Trenton New Jersey: or comp et- . g gig and furnishing the building, in full for the same, thirty thousand , 0 lars. r Memphis; Custom—Hou€e, court-house, and post oince, Memphis, Tennessee: For continuation o the building, twenty-six thousand dollars. g [’h*1¤<l<>]Pl¤l¤»; tl Post-officie band court-honsp, Ehiladelphiia, Pennsylvalnig. :5-For · inuation o ui c ing three un red and fty thousan dollars, e I, usgd in campleting the foundation and setting sgme for theFfirst storiy. R 1 ·.1,; ourt- ouse and postoflice Raleigh North arolina z- or comp 0- a mb tion of building, fifty thousand dollars. , “ San Francisco; b Appraisersé stoics, San Francisco, California: For continuation of ui ing eig ty thousand dollars. · Sub-treasury-building, San Francisco, California: For completion of · repairs of building, twenty-seven thousand dollars. _ _ · DVgashmgt0u. b State, V;/Ear, and Nlavyé Depargmentgau1lding:dEor continlpation ofgllg · ·i u1 mg ree un re an ty thousand o lars to e expel] 6 under the direction of the Secretary of War. 7 N<>ff<>lk· l?1`o;·n%essary}_r<;lpairs upon the ordnance depot, magazines, r;vl1;1‘%_9S» an ui ings o the United States at the naval station at No o irginia, the sum of fifty thousand dollars, to be expended by the Bnlreau of Ordnance, under the direction of the Navy Department. And the ; · Secretary of the Navy, in case the public service may warrant it, m3-Yi ‘ Ma mgino gh E1. and he is hereby, authorized to remove the magazine on Ellis Island, l lis lvilwrd may be and in case of such removal, he is authorized to sell or removeall the ""'°°"°‘l· public property on the said Island.