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l 18 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 246; 1876. ` R¢¤¤ Of P<><>m¤» For rom: of G1‘6·Dl'OOf_l`0OlI]S in building number two hundred mm N"' J°"“Y ‘“’°‘ five, New .Im·sey avenue, south, for tho satb keeping and preservation 5 °°°' of finished weights, measures, balances, and metric standards, one uhm;. sand dollars. F“°]· _ For fuol and lights, bbreo hundred dollars. _ _ foF]:f:;dlLg1;*;:g;; For fuel, light, water, and miscellaneous items, r<gqu1r<·<l by the jaui. T,.GaSmy $)8pm_ tors and firemen in the proper camo of the buildings, furniture, and ment. heating apparatus, such as brooms, mops, brushes, buckets, wlneelbar- _ rows, shovels, saws, bntohots, hammers, and so forth, for all public buildings under control of tho Treasury Department, three hundred thouszmd dollars.. F¤mit¤r¤,¤t¤· For ihruimro and repairs of furniture and carpets for all public build. ings under control of the Treasury Department, sovcnty-five thousand dollars. H°”*¤g» °*°· · For heating, vontilating, and hoisting apparatus, and repairs of same, for all public buildings under control of tho Treasury Department, one , hundred thousand dollars. PW of °““°d*‘ For pay of custodians and janitors for all public buildings under cou- °°“’ °t°' trol of tho Treasury Department, seventy-tivo thousand dollars. V¤¤lt¤·¤¤f¤¤»¤'¤¤· For vaults, saths, and locks, and repair of same, for all public buildings under control of tho Treasury Department, Iiiiiy thousand dollars. Pl1<>¢<>¤m1>bi¤z, For photographing, engraving, and printing plans for all public build- °°°· - ings under control of the Treasury Department, three thousand dollars. L‘“‘d m“P· For plnotolitliogrnphing and printing the large connected land map _, of the United States and Territories two thousand five hundred dollars. H<>¤1‘Y Cliff, Thus the sum of three hundred and uwo dollars and iortzy coms bo gl";’gf and tho same is hereby approprimodxo Henry Cliff, Charles S. Rcsingcr D{m,c,._and Charles E. Diemer for services rendered as ibldors for tho House of Representatives for tho month of February eighteen hundred and seventy-four to be divided equally botwcou them. I¤Y¢¤tig¤·%iq¤ of For tho expense of tho investigation of cho late election in Missis- S;;€“’“ “‘ M'““‘S‘ sippi, three thousand iivo hundred dollars. · _ _ Agzmts at Bw_ For salaries and traveling expenses of agents ma soa·l·11sher1cs lll . iislmrieu. Alaska, one agent and three assistants, nine thousand four hundred and Assistant agents sixty-five dollars: Provided, however, that tho two assistant agents <liS¢<>¤N¤¤6d· Whose salaries as fixed by law at two thousand ono hundred and ninety dollars each por annum, shall be discontinued from and after tho first - day of October (eighteen hundred und sovonty-six ' .. UNDER THE WAR DEPAIHZMENT. Observation and Signal-Oliico. For expenses of the observation and report of storms by report of storms. telegraph and signal for bhobouoht of com m orcoau nl a gricul ture throu gboutz the United States; for manufacture, purchase, or repair of meteorological ‘ and other necessary instruments for telogmphing reports; for expenses of stornn-signals, announcing probable approach and force of storms; for continuing the establishment and connection of stations at lilo saving stations and light-houses; for iustrumciit-shelters ; for hire, furniture, and expenses of obiiccs maintained for public uso in cities or ports receiving reports; for rivor·r0p0rts; for books, periodicals, newspaper, and stationery; and for incidental oxponscs not otherwise provided for, three hundred thousand dollars. CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE, AND REPAIR OF MILITARY ·r1cL1¤- GRAPH Lmms. Mmtmy tm- For completing tho construction, maintenance, and use of pxilimry graph lines. telegraph lines on Indian and Mexican iroutiors, and for tho connection of military posts and stations, for tho better protection of ommigmtiou 1875, 0h_ 130, and the frontier settlements from depredations, especially in tho State 18 Stat., 388. of Texas, tho Territories of Now Mexico and Arizona. and tho lmlizm 1874, Cb_ 205, Territory, under tho provisions of cho acc approved Marcin third, eight- ' 18 Smt., 51. can hundred and sovuntyflvo, forty-fivo thousimil dollars.