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- . 9 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 255. 1876. 125 For repairs and improvements, timber, plank, boards, joists, wall- Repairs and imstrips, laths, shingles, slate, tin, sheet-lead, nails, screws, locks, butts, P*°"°“"’“*“· hinges, glass, paint, turpentine, oils, bricks, varnish, stone, lime, cement, plaster, hair, blasting-powder, fuse, iron, steel, tools, mantels, and other similar materials, and for pay of citizen mechanics and labor employed upon repairs that cannot be done by enlisted men, twelve thousand 0 lars. For fuel and apparatus, namely, coal, wood, stoves, grates, furnaces, Fuel-€l¤¤· ranges, Hrebricks, and repairs of steam-heating apparatus, iourmeen thousand dollars. _ For gas-pipes, iixtures, lamp-posts, gas-lamps, gasometers, and retorts, G““‘P‘P°“· °"°· and annual repairs, six hundred dollars. For fuel for cadets’ mess~ha1l, shops, and laundry, three thousand five F¤¤1· hundred dollars. it - For postage and telegrams three hundred dollars. Pcstngmctc. For stationery, blankhooks, paper, envelopes, quills, steel pens, pen- Sw¤i<>¤<>ry,¤¤¤- oils, mucilage, wax, and ink, six hundred dollars. _ For transportation of materials, discharged cadets, and ferriages, two T”“*‘P°"**“*°“· thousand dollars. _ _ For printing-type, materials for oilioe, diplomas for graduates, reg- P¤“*“*8»°**°- isters, and blanks, five hundred dollars. For compensation of pressnuan and lithographer, each fifty dollars, one hundred dollars. _ For clerk to dishursing-officer and quartermaster, one thousand two C1¤rk¤· hundred dollars. _ For clerk to adjutant, one thousand two h undrod dollars. For clerk to treasurer, one thousand two hundred dollars. For department of instruction in uiathexxnatics, namely : For repairs Department of of instruments, fifty dollars; textbooks and stationery for instructors, “"‘“'“*'““‘*~‘°“· thirty dollars; leveling-rod and tapes, thirty dollars. For department of artillery, cavalry, and infantry tactics, namely: Department of For tan-bark for riding-hall and gymnasium, three hundred dollars; ·°”*m°"·l’>"t°· repairing camp-stools, tents, and camp-furniture, fifty dollars; repairs of gymnasium, one hundred dollars; i'ur11iturc for office of comma.nda.ut of cadets, seventy-tive dollars; stationery for use of instructor and assistants, one hundred dollars; foils, gloves, masks, fen<:ix1g~jackets,and repairs, one hundred dollars. For department of civil and military engineering: For models, maps, D,°P°·’¥m°"° °f repairs of instruments, text-books, hooks of reference, and station- °"g"‘°°""g‘ ery for use of instructors, five hundred dollars ; for continuing preparation of textbooks for special instruction of cadets, two thousand dollars. D b t ,. For department of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology: For chemicals, ch0;}f;‘,.ym‘£c_ ° including chemical apparatus, glass aud porcelain ware, paper, wire, ’ sliectmetal, ores, photographic materials, five hundred dollars; rough specimens, tiles, alcohol, lamps, blow-pipes, pencils, and steel and agate mortars, for practical instruction in miueralogy; for fossils illustrating the different rock-formations for daily use in section-rooms, and for gradual increase of the cabinet, five hundred dollars; repairs and additions to electric, galvauic, magnetic, electro magnetic, magneto-electric, pneumatic, and thermic apparatus, and optical apparatus illustrating properties of substances, five hundred dollars; pay of mech anic employed . in chemical and geological sectiourooms and in lecture-room, one thousand and fifty dollars; models and diagrams, fifty dollars; books of reterence, text-books, and stationery, for the use of instructors, three hundred dollars. - ‘ For department of natural and experimental philosophy: For addi- IZ,°P**'*?*‘*2*?, "£ tions to the apparatus to illustrate the laws in mechanics, optics, and Eg, 2;; P `°°°` acoustics, one thousand dollars; text-books, repairs, and materials, ' four hundred dollars; for pay of mechanic, one thousand dollars. For department of practiculmilitary engineering: For mining mate- P¢`;L>=*~¤fm<*¤F Qi rials and for profiling-material; telegraphingand signalling; and dru·w— "“" °"g‘"°°"