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. 156 FORTY-FOURTH, CONGRESS. Sess. I. GH. 287. 1876. D<:H¤¤it¤ri¤¤ at Buffalo, New York Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Pittsburgh Penney]. B¤**` .0- S=·¤*¤ F6- vena. — - ’ and Pittsburgh discontinued. · Charleston. OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER AT CHARLESTON, SOUTH CARO- LINA: For assistant treasurer, one thousand dollars- one clerk, four hundred and fifty dollars; one clerk four hundred dollars; one assistant messenger, one hundred and eighty dollars; and two watchmen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, two thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. Pittsburgh. Ormon or Dnrosruax AT Prrrsnunen;-For cashier, four hundred and fifty dollars; book-keeper, three hundred and fifty dollars; ° one watchman, one hundred and eighty dollars; in all, nine hundred and eighty dollars. Tucson. O1·‘F10E OF DEPOSITARY AT TUCSON, ARIZONA: For depositary, in addition to his pay as post-master, one thousand five hundred dollars. c:.,.“p.mmi.,,, of For compensation to designated depositaries at Buifalo, New York, depositaries. and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for receiving, safe-keeping, and paying out public money, at the rate of one-half of one per centum on the first one hundred thousand dollars, one-fourth of one per centum on the second one hundred thousand dollars, and one-eighth of one per centum ‘ on all sums over two hundred thousandklollars; any sum which may have been allowed to such depositaries for rent or any other contingent ` expenses in respect to the custody of such public money being deducted from such compensation beiore any payment shall be made theretor: Proviso. Provided, That no compensation shall be allowed for the above services when the emoluments of the office of which said designated depositary is in commission amount to the maximum compensation fixed by law; nor shall the amount allowed to any one of said designated deposituries for such services, when added to the emoluments of the office of which he is in commission, be more than the maximum compensation P¤‘<>Vi¤¤· iixed by law: And provided further That the whole allowance to any designated depositary for such service shall not exceed one thousand _ five hundred dollars per annum, three thousand dollars. _ Special agents, For compensation to special agents to examine the books, accounts, in<l¤r>¤nd¤¤f- trees- and money on hand at the several subtreasuries and depositories, in- ""{g46 ch 90 clnding national banks acting as depositories under the act of the sixth 9 Smf g9_’ of August, eighteen hundred and forty-six, four thousand dollars. 1a.s.:s649,p. 722. ‘ For checks and check-books for disbursing officers and others, and C ll wks. ¤-nd certificates of deposit for offices of the Treasurer and assistant treas- °b8‘1;,E’g‘;§;% 8g_ urer and designated depositaries, ten thousand dollars. r,,.,,,,,.,, *’ ‘ For contingent expenses under the act of the sixth August, eighteen R. S.,'l`itle xl, p. hundred and forty-six, for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and dis- Vlih _ bnrsement of the public money, fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That 1‘°""’°‘ no part of said sum shall be expended for clerical services or payment ot' employees of any nature or grade· and hereafter a detailed statement of the expenditure for the preceding Hscal year of all sums appropriated for contingent expenses in any Department or Bureau of the Government shall be presented to Congress at the beginning of each regular session. UNITED STATES MINTS AND ASSAY OFFIGES. Dimctors omoe, Ormon on run Drnnocron. on rmt M11~i2r:-For director, four thoucnlarics- sand five hundred dollars; examiner, two thousand dollars, one computer of bullion, two thousand dollars; one assay clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class three; one clerk of class two; one translator, one thousand two hundred dollars; one copyist, nine hundred dollars; one messenger; one laborer; making in all, the sum ot' sixteen thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. Contingent ex- For contingent expenses of the United States mints and assay offices, s;’::e“ém’{‘>;';”’ ““d namely : For specimens of coins, to be expended under the direction of ythe Secretary of the Treasury, two hundred dollars ; for books, balances and weights, and other incidental expenses, seven hundred dollars ;_ and