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230 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 41, 50. 1877. Jan. 31, 1877. CHAP. 41.·—~An act to amend sections five hundred and thirty-three, five hundred ·——‘···—·····" and fifty-six, five hundred and seventy-one, and ive hundred and seventy-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to courts in Arkansas and other States Riiiiiiiiiiii-if ,g.i.9;.i‘.j>"if.$Z‘»..'2i.$?.“O‘?Z‘2Z'.,‘Z·€'é!‘Z2’..’.?Lz‘Zi’2? "i°i.€‘{?’£§€{’£.€§‘”é’$“§ ‘{{Y..€'€{’..'.{"§‘.f§ 5 thirty-three of the Revised Statutes be amended so as to read as follows: “SEo. 533. That the State of Arkansas is divided into two districts, _ _ which shall be called the eastern and western districts of Arkansas. _!§1g{¤»¤§¤~S, Jfud 1- The western district includes the counties of Benton, Washington, Gpaw- °’*;,' ° 88- ford, Sebastian, Scott, Polk, Sevier, Little River, Howard, Montgomery, ’ Yell, Logan, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Carroll, Boone and Marion, and the country lying west of Missouri and Arkansas, known as the Indian Tlerritory. The eastern district includes the residue of said State. That section nve hundred and fifty-six be amended so a Clerks to read as follows: “SE0 556. In the eastern district of Arkansas R_ S_ {{56,1, g3_ there shall be appointed two clerks of the district court thereof, one of whom shall reside and keep his omce at Little Rock, and the other shefl reside and keep his office at Helena." That section five hundred an seventy-two be so amended as to provide for the holdin of the Tamm regularftefms oflcolilpt in ge egstgrntaudilvegstern disjtiiicts o§[Arkan- R. S. 572,p.97. sas as o ows: n e eas rn is mc 0 r ansas a itt e ck, on the’i;irst Monday in April and October, and at Helenalon the second Monday in March and October. In the western district of Arkansas, at Fort ' Smitéh on the; iirislt Mionday gn February, lMay, August, and November. a sec ion ve un re an seventy-one eamended so as to readasfolgerman district lows: “Sn0 571. The district courts for the western district of Arkanconrts to have cir- sas, the eastern district of Arkansas at Helena, the northern district of £$;·°°“*°J¤¤¤d1°· MISSISSIDQI, the western district of South Carolina, and the district of R:S_5.,.1,P_9.,,_ gi/'est Yirginia, shalldhave in addition to the ordinary jurisdiction of istric courts juris iction of all causes except a eals and `t f error, which 2.130 cognizable in a circuit cdurt, alrld sligll proceedvlrhlelein in the same manner as a circuit court." Approved, January 31, 1877. Feb. 5, 1877. CHAP. 50.-An act for the relief of the destitute poor of the District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United A,,p,,,,P,,,,,,,O,,_ States of America on Congress assembled, That the sum of twenty thousand p,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.0; dollars, for the relief of the destitute poor in the District of Columbia, Eftrlct of Colum- llrpyagél gi; sameggg lgnaetléy, aptproguated, out of any imgnctyhin the Tg1a;- · n o erwise appropria · e same e 0XHg;1g{¤W¤ Md drawn by warrants of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia on P · the Treasurer of th_e Un1tcd States, in such weekly installments as shall be necessary to relieve the distress of those in absolute want. Lists Grammy., Sec. 2. That for the purpose of ascertaining the amount thus necesfM¤r1w¤· sary to be drawn for each weekly installment, the Commissioners of the Disgréctfof Columbia ghalg reqpire Ente relief commissioners of the Disme o urms em e ist o suc ami ies and the number of ersons in each, who are eligible and require relieflfrom this fund. The said l1st shallconstitute the voucher of the commissioners for the amount to · · be drawn by their warrant on the Treasurer of the United States. Applications for _. Sec. 3. That all persons or relief associations claiming assistance '°h°*· from the fund shall make their application to the relief commissioners . of the Distinct, who shall keep an alphabetical list of all such applications, and shal determine upon the eligibility of theapplicants, and shall submit the same to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia as vouchers for their warrant upon the Treasurer of the United States, _ _ in accordance with sections one and two of this act. m3;:?? <>¤ ¤¤¤ of Sec. 4. That no part of this appropriation shall be used for any other purpose, nor pegddogt 131 any other mafnnlpr, than for the purpose in th6 · manner prescribe y e provisions o this act.