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roerrrourzrn oonennss. sms. 11. ou. ee, ei, ea. isn. 239 .CI-IAP. 66.-An not to provide for the sale or exchange of a. certain piece of land in Feb. 26, 1877. the Wsdlabout Bay, in the State of New York, to the city of Brooklyn. --;-1- Whereas, the United States Government owns certain lands in the Un o o cup i ed city of Brooklyn, in the State of New York. that are unoccupied, are gfgs Qf gmt? partly under water, and are not needed for Government use, and ly;} °§_ r°° ` Whereas the city of Brooklyn is without an available site for a public ’ _ market for the accommodation of its inhabitants, and has appealed to its representatives in Congress to secure a site for such building on the lands of the United States at Wallabout Bay ; Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States ofA·meréca in Congress assembled, That the President of the United C¤¤¤¤1i¤¤i¤¤ i ¤ States be, and he is hereby, authorized, empowered, and directed to Q;fQ‘g° °°‘“"’Y' organize a commission of three members. The commission when organ- ' ized shall proceed to arrange equitable terms, eondi1;ions‘ and considerations for the conveyance, to the city of Brooklyn, of all that certain piece or parcel of land partly under water, sitauace in Wallaboub Bay, , _ in the State of New York, and bounded and described as follows: Begin- D°°°“Pm°°' ning at the intersection of the northerly side of Flushing avenue with the westerly side ofWz1shi11gton avenue; running thence westerly along the northerly side of Flushing avenue ive hundred and sixty ieets to the westerly side of Clinton avenue; thence northerly in a straight line in continuation of the westerly line of Clinton avenue sixteen hundred and fifty feet to tide water; thence easterly along the water-front to the westerly side of Washington avenue; and thence southerly along the westerly side of Washington avenue fourteen hundred and sevent;y·’xive feet to the points or place of beginning, be any or all of the said several dimensions more or less; the land being bounded on the north by Wallabout Bay; on the east by Washirngtou avenue; on the south by Flushing avenue; and 011 the west by Clinton avenue. Sue. 2. That when the commission, or a majority of its members, R‘§P°'*’_ °f °{"“E. shall have agreed on the consideration, terms, and conditions of sale, gZ§;é2;:§S(;f”§;V; _ they shall report their conclusions to the Secretary of the Navy, who ` shall lay them before Congress at the beginning of its next session, and if Congress shall ratity the same, and authorize it to be done, the Sec- C°“"°Y‘*“°°· retary of the Navy shall make, execute and deliver to the city of Brooklyn a good and-sufficient; deed of conveyance of the lend. above described, or such part thereof as the said commissioners may recommend the sale oi, us soon as the terms agreed upon shall have been complied with. Approved, February 26, 1877. CHAP. 67.-—An act to refund to the mayor and city council of Baltimore certain mon- Feb. 27, 1877. eys illegally assessor} and collected for iiiiaernal-revenue tax. ···;····——··· Be it enacted by the Senate and House (y` Representatives of the United States of Aoncrica in Congress assembled, That: the Secretary of the Treas- Appropriationury bo, and he is hereby aubhoriz<·d and required to pay to the mayor To pay city of and city council of Baltimore the sum of thirteen thousand Eve hundred B“1'”m°'°· dollars, which sum, due the said mayor and city council as interest from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, was collected from said company illegally as an internal revenue tax, by Joseph J. Lewis, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, on the nineteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixtayiour; the same to be paid out of any money in the Treasury notbtherwise appropriated. Approved, February 27, 1877. CHAP. 68.-—An act to provide for changing and iixing the boundaries of certain prop- Feb. 27, 1877. erby ceded to the Government of the United States by the city of Memphi , Ten- ····;······—·· llGSS06• Whereas, the corporate authorities of the city of Memphis in the Pr<>M¤bl<>· State of Tennessee, are desirous, in order to render the same more eligible and suitable for the purpose intended, of enlarging, changing,