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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. OH. 69. 1877. 24] and consolidate the statutes of the United States in force on the first day of December, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and seventy three," so as to make the same truly express such laws, the following amendments are hereby mnde therein: _ Section one hundred and ninety seven is amended by inserting at the 5197, p. 20. end of the section the words “ except supplies of stationery and fuel in - the public offices and books, pamphlets, and papers in the Library of Congress." Section two hundred and fifteen is amended by adding: at the end of §215.1>·34- the section the following: There shall bein the said Department an inferior officvr, to be appointed by the said principal officcr to be cmployed therein as he shall deem proper, and to be called the chief clerk V _ in the Department of W:1r, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed from office by the President of the United States, or in any other case of vacancy, shall during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertuining to the snid Department." Section two hundred and twenty live is amended by adding nt the $225, p. 35. end of the section the following: In settling the accounts of the commanding officer ol' zi company for clothing and other military supplies, the affidavit of any such officer may be received to show the loss of vouchers or company books, or any matter or circumstance tending to prove that any apparent deficiency was occasioned by unztvoiclnble accident or lost in actual service, without any mult on his part, or that the whole or any part of such clothing and supplies had been properly and legally used and appropriated; and such aiiidavit may be considered as evidence to establish the facts set forth, with or without other · evidence, as may seem to the Secretary of Wur just and proper under the circumstances of the case." Section two lnmdred and fifty two is struck ont. §252,p. 41. Section two hundred and iiity-nine is amended by striking ont, in the §259, p. 42. lonrali line, the word ‘*agricnlturc". Section three hundred mid seventeen is amended by adding thereto §317,p.5'2. the following: “And shall perform all the acts and exercise all the pow. ers, relating to the receipts lrom customs and the accounts of collectors and the oiher officers oi' l11e customs or connected therewith, devoled by section two hundred and sixtyniine upon the First Comptroller in regard to other receipts und other :icc0unts." Section three hundred und thirty-tivo is amended by striking out, in s$335,v.55· the fourth line the word •*ngi·icnlture." Section three hundred and fifty-bur is amended by inserting after $354, p. 59. the word ‘·qucstli0ns" in the second line, the word “ oi"’. - Section six hundred and thirty seven is amended by inserting after 9G37,p.113. the word "circnit" in the ninth line, the word “court". Section seven hundred sind two isemended byinserting, after the t702,p.1::1. word “ cause " in the eleventh line, the word ‘* when ". Section eight hundred and thirty eight is amended by inserting after $838, p. 158. the word " be " in the nrst line, the word “ the ". Section eight hundred and seventy-five is amended by adding at the §875, p. 105. end of the section the following:

    • When letters rogatory are addressed from any court of a foreign

country to any circuit court of the United States, a commissioner of such circuit court designated by said court to make the examination of the witnesses mentioned in said letters, shall have power to compel the witnesses to appear and depose in the same manner as witnesses may be compelled to appear and testify in courts? ‘ Section one thousand sind ninety four is amended by striking out the $109*% 1*-*02- word *• post ", in the twenty fifth line, before the words "ordnanee sergc2mt". _ Section one thousand and ninety-seven is amended by inserting, in the si I097,1>· 203- second line, aefter the word “ who ", the word *· shall ". _ Section eleven hundred and two is amended by striking ont, efter the 51109.r-20·¥· xxx-—-16 _ ‘