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FOBTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. GH. 101. 187 7. 2.87 For pay of additional employees at the several agencies for the Sioux in Nebraska and Dakota, twenty-five thousand dollars. For pay of second blacksmith, and inrnishing iron, steel, and other 15 Stat., 638. material, per eighth article of the same treaty, one thousand dollars. For this amount, for subsistence, including the Yankton Sioux and ’ Poncas, and for other purposes of their civilization, one million one hundred and twentyhve thousand dollars: Provided, That fifty thousand Pr<>vi¤¤- dollars of this appropriation may be used for the selection of a location, the construction of necessary buildings, and the removal of the said . Sioux Indians to the Missouri River: And provided further, That the Pmviso. sum of fifteen thousand dollars of this appropriation, in addition to that heretofore appropriated, may be used for the removal and permanent location of the Poncas in the Indian Territory. For an industrial school at the Santee Sioux agency, three thousand Removal pl-umndollars. And the President of the United States is hereby directed to ***1- prohibit the removal of any portion of said Sioux Indians to the Indian Territory unless the same shall be hereafter authorized by act of Congress. ‘ SIOUX, SISSETON AND WAHPETON SIOUX, AND SANTEE Sivvvfo n on 4l SIOUX OF LAKE TRAVEBSE AND DEVIL’S LAKE. gifkclégaglg ““‘* ' For this amount, being the fifth of ten installments of the sum of 1874, ch.3§¤9, eight hundred thousand dollars, named in a certain agreement, con- 18 Sm-» WV tirmcd by act approved June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and seventyiour, made by the commissioners appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, under the provisions of the act of June seventh, eighteen hundred and seventytwo, with the Slsseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux Indians, for the relinquishment by said Indians of their claim to, or ievz, en. ms. interest in, the lands described in the second article of the treaty made ll **'*¤¤·» 9** with them February nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, the same to be expended, under the direction of the President, for the benedt of said Indians, in the manner prescribed in said treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty seven as amended by the Senate, said amendment as amended having been ratified by the Indians, as provided by act of February fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, eighty thousand dollars. YANKTON TRIBE OF SIOUX. Ywktou Sioux. For ninth of ten installments, second series, to be paid to them or 11 Stat,744. expended for their benefit, per fourth article of treaty of April nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, forty thousand dollars. WAL-PAH·PEE TRIBE OF SNAKES. q Vmnl-pah-p oe k hill OS. For sixth of ten installments, to be expended under the direction of 14 sm.,ce·¢. the President, as per· seventh article of treaty of August twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, one thousand two hundred dollars. SKLALLAMS. S’Klallams. For eighteenth of twenty installments on sixty thousand dollars, last 12 Stat., 0::4. series, to be applied to the use and benefit of said Indians, under the direction of the President, per fifth article of treaty of January twenty- sixth, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, one thousand six hundred dollars. For eighteenth of twenty installments, for the support of an agricult- 12 Stat. 935- ural and industrial school, and for pay for suitable teachers, per eleventh article of same treaty, two thousand five hundred dollars. ‘ For eighteenth of twenty installments, for the employment of a blacksmith, carpenter, farmer, and a physician, per same article and treaty, four thousand six hundred dollars.