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FORTI-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 102. 1877. 297 sengers at one thousand dollars; four laborers under the superintendent of the folding room, to handle books, at seven hundred and twenty dollars per annum each; seven laborers at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; ten laborers, during the session, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum ; one laborer, at six hundred dollars; one laborer, (Henry Douglas,) at eight hundred and forty dollars; and for one female attendant in ladies’ retiringroom, six hundred dollars; making in all the sum of one hundred and seventy-seven thousand six hundred and nity dollars. For five ellicial reporters of the proeeedin gs and debates of the House, 0¤i<=i=¤1 reportat five thousand dollars each, twenty-five thousand dollars. °“· For fourteen messengers on the soldiers’ roll, at one thousand two Mpsswsers rm hundred dollars each, sixteen thousand eight hundred dollars. “°1d'°’“’ mp- For contingent expenses of the House of Representatives namely: _ For twenty-one clerks to committees at six dollars per day during the Clerks to comsession, twenty-six thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars. 2%***;*- . 1 f For materials for folding, tourteen thousand dollars. fom:,,;`n°' ° °r For labor in folding books, speeches and pamphlets, twelve thousand Folding, two hundred and fifty dollars. And the following prices may be paid for folding books, pamphlets, _ Prices for foldspeeches, and the Daily Record, namely: For quarto volumes, not ex· meceedin g one cent per volume; for octave volumes, not exceeding one-half cent each per volume; for the Daily Record, not exceeding two dollars per thousand; and for speeches, not exceeding one dollar per thousand. For fuel and eil for the heating-apparatus, ten thousand dollars. Fuel and oil. For hire of horses and xnailwvagons for carrying the mails, five thou- Horses and wagsand ilve hundred dollars. °¤¤- For furniture, and repairs of the same, seven thousand dollars. F¤¤1i*·¤¤¤· I For packing-boxes, two thousand seven hundred and eighteen dol- B<>¤¢¤· ars. For cartago, seven hundred dollars. Cartage- For miscellaneous items, twenty-five thousand dollars. Mi¤¤¤U¤¤<-><>¤¤- - For postage-stamps forthe Sergeant-at-Arms, the Clerk, and the Post- Postage-stamps. master of the House of Representatives, each one hundred dollars,- three hundred dollars. For newspapers and stationery for members of the House of Repro- Newspapers and sentatives, officers of the House, and committees of the House, includ- ¤l¤¤i¤°¤°l”Y- ing six thousand dollars for stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, iorty-three thousand three hundred dollars. For twentyeight pages, while actually employed, (including three P¤2¤¤· riding-pages,) at two dollars and fiity cents per day, and for hire of horses, five hundred dollars, fourteen thousand seven hundred dollars. _ That there be, and is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the J¤>h¤ Y- BFOWH Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Hon. John Y. Brown the sum necessary to pay him the compensation and mileuges of a member of the 40th Congress PUBLIG PRINTING. For compensation of the Public Printer, at the rate of three thousand S“l“"°“· six hundred dollars per annum, and of the clerks and employees in his , office, thirteen thousand tour hundred dollars. , For contingent expenses of his odlee, namely: For stationery, post- p°Eg;‘:‘“g°“*’ °*' age, advertising, traveling-expenses, horses and wagons, and miscella- , ' neous items, two thousand dollars. _ LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. For compensation of the Librarian, leur thousand dollars; and for S”·]‘“`i°°· fifteen assistant librarians, two at two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each, one at two thousand dollars, four at one thousand six hundred dollars each, two at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each, two at one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each, two at one thousand two hundred dollars each, one at one thousand dollars,