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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. GH. 102. 1877. 299 · EXECUTIVE d $01* compensation of the President of the United States fifty thousand Salarieso ars. For compensation of tho Vicc·I’resident of tho United States, sight thousand dollars. For compensation to the followingin tho officc of tho President of tho United States: Private secretary, three thousand two hundred and nity dollars assistant secretary, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; two executive clerks, at two thousand dollars oooh; steward, at one thousand eight hundred dollars; and messenger, at ono thousand two hundred dollars; in all twelve thousand tivo hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of tho Executive Onion, including stationery Contingencies. therefor, two thousand iivo hundred dollars. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. For compensation of the Secretary of State, eight thousand dollars; Salaries. three assistant secretaries of state, at three thousand tivo hundred dollars each; for chief clerk, two thousand tivo hundred dollars; twelve clerks of class tour; iivo clerks of class three; ton clerks of class one; and thirteen clerks at nine hundred dollars each ; one messenger ; one assistant messenger; one superintendent of tho watch, nt ono thousand dollars; six watchman; twelve laborers; chief engineer, wh_o shall bc 21, machinist, one thousand two hundred dollars; ono assistant engineer, one thousand dollars; six fireman, at sovcn hundred and twenty dollars each ; ton churwomon, at one hundred and eighty dollars each ; and at conductor for tho elevator, at seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, ninety eight thousand oight hundred and sixty dollars. For iivoohiofs of bureaus and one translator, ut two thousand one hundred hundred dollars each, twelvo thousand six hundred dollars. For proof-reading, and packing tho laws and documents for tho V3.I'i• Pr0<>f-r¤¤di¤g- ous logntions and consulates, including boxes and transportation of tho same, two thousand five hundred dollars; for stationery, furniture fixtures and repairs, thrco thousand iivo hundred dollars, for books and maps, two thousand dollars; in all eight thousand dollars. For extra clerk hire and copying two thousand dollars. Extra. clerk-mm. For contingent expenses, namely: For fuel, ton thousand dollars; for Contingencies. lights, three thousand dollars; for repairs, two thousand dollars; for 'curo and subsistence of horses and repairs of wagons and harnoss,ono thousand tivo hundred dollars; and for miscellaneous items, not included in tho foregoing, two thousand dollars ; in all, eighteen thousand five hundred dollars. · For rout of stable and wngoushcd for tho new State Department Rontofstsblo. building, six hundred dollars. For services of Iithographer, and necessary materials for the Iitho- Li¤h<>zP=¤1>h¤1‘» graphic press, one thousand Evo hundred dollars. °t°· · For expenses of editing, printing, binding, and distributing tho laws _E§i*i¤z,¤*¤-,¤¤¤- enacted at tho first session of tho Forty-H fth Congress, ton thousand dol- “‘°“ “1“"“· mrs ‘ For expenses of editing, printing, and distributing tho Statutes at Edi¤i¤¤» GM Large of the Forty fourth (Jon gross, twenty thousand dollars S*“°““" “” L“"g°· TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Sncnnmizvs OFF1on.·-For compensation of tho Secretary of the Salaries. Treasury, eight thousand dollars; two assistant secretaries of the Secreta.ry’s0mcc. Treasury, at iour thousand Evo hundred dollars ouch ; chief clerk and ox officio superintendent of tho Treasury building, two thousand seven hundred dollars; one chief of division of warrants, estimates, and nppropriations, two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; ono assistant chief of division of warrants, estimates, und appropriations, two