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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 103. 1877. 333 From Moscow, via West Bevelport, to Jasper. From McKinney, by Homble’s Mills, to Blue Ridge. From Milam, to East Hamilton. From Seipes Springs to Lawson’s Springs. ,From Waxahachie, via Grceu’s Gin, Glencoe, Auburn, and Grand View, to Kimball. From Palo Alto, via Beverly and Pidcoeke Ranch, to Hamilton. From Terrell, via Sabine and Millwood, to Farinersville. From Bryan, via McKee’s Bridge and Iola, to Bedias. From Courtney, via White Hall, to Plantersville. From Lulin g, via Belmont, Leesville, Rancho, and Hiddleville, to He ena. From Saint Mary’s by Beeville and Oakville, to Pleasanton. From Somerset, via Sestiadero, to Flint Hill. From Texana to Mustang Creek, at McFar1and’s House. From Caledonia to Minden. " From De Berry, by Centennial, to Keatchie in Louisiana. From Alum Creek to Smithville. From Alvarado, by Barnesville, to Grand View. From Summit, by White Mound, to Kentucky Town. From Belknap to Prophet’s Valley. Change Route from Fort Worth to Grauberry so as to go by Thorp’s Spring. Change route established by act approved April third, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, namely, from Waxahachic, via Barnsville and StubbleIield’s Mills, to Cleburne, so as to run as follows: From Waxahachie, by Center Point and Alvarado, to Cleburne. From Red Oak to Waxahachie. Change route numbered thirty-one thousand two hundred and forty- nine as follows: From Waxahaohie, by Chamber Creek, to Milford. From Giddings to Caldwell. From Florence to Gatesville. From Winchester to Red Oak. From La Grange to Weimer. From Bryan to Brenham. From Comanche, by Zante’s store, to Chapparel. From Beeville, by Layartsville, to San Diego. From Round Rock to Liberty Hill. From Hearne to Pitts Bridge by Durant Mumford and Mudville. From Giddings to Bastrop by Grassyville. From Giddings to La Grange by Wards. UTAH. umn. From Riehueld to Cove Creek. From Fillmore to Deseret. ’ ’ VERMONT. vermont, From Benson to Benson Landing. From Montpelier to Berlin. From Montpelier to Calais. From Danby to Danby Four Corners. From Castleton to East Hubbardton. From Northfield to East Roxbury. From Hancock to Granville. From Bristol to Lincoln. ‘ From Bristol to New Haven Mills. From Bristol to South Starksborough. ° From Poultney, via East Poultney, to Middletown Springs. From Cutlingsville, via Shrewsbury, to North Shrewsbury. From Hydeville to West Castleton. From Oambridgeport, via Athens, to Westminster, West.