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FORTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 103. 1877. 337 From Reading to Furnaeeville. From Susanville to Dorris’ Bridge. From Live Oak to North Butte. From Chino to Temescal. From Soledad, via Peach Tree and Slack’s Canon, to Imusdals. From Mariposa to Hite7s Cove. ` COLORADO. Colorado. From Fort Garland to Parkville, New Mexico. From Parrott City to Tuma Amerville, New Mexico. From Pueblo by Labitta, Fort Garland, Culebra, Bed River Taos, Plasa Alcalde, San Juan to. Sante Fe. From Garland by Gandaloup, Terra Amarilla, Canon Largo to Parrott City. From Rio Grand by Alainora to Summit. From Colorado Springs by Easton and Maine to River Bend. From Saganehe by Christone, Saugnde Christo to Badito. From Conejos by Tiera Amarilla, Pagosa Springs to Parrott City From J ulesburg by Perkins Ranch to W'allaee in Kansas. From Lake City by Silver Glen and Mineral City to Ouray. From Hans Peak to Laramie in Wyoming Territory. From Hans Peak to Dixon in Wyoming Territory. From Hans Peak to Steamboat Springs. From Colorado Springs by Luney Creek to Canon City. From Del Norte by Summit to Pagosa Springs. From Canon City by Oil Creek to Hartsel. From Walsenbnrg by St. Mary’s to Badito. From Fairplay by Trout Creek, Union Park, Taylor River to Lake City. From Conejos to Ego Caliente in New Mexico. From Fort Garland to Park View New Mexico. DAKOTA. Dakota. From Bismarck to Crook City. From Childstown, via Lost Lake, to Otter Creek. From Allentown to Rochester. From Firesteel, via Chauka and Wessington, to Fort Thompson. From Marshall, Minnesota, to Fort Pierce, Dakota, via Lake Hendricks and Oakwood, Dakota. From Glenwood via Kidder and Brooklyn, to Turner. From Deadwood City, via Crook Cityin the Black Hills to Bismarck. From Bismark, Dakota, to military post at the mouth of Tongue River. From mouth of Big Horn River to Fort Ellis. From Fort Pierre, via Rapid City, to Deadwood. From Fort Randall to Rapid City. From Rapid City, via Custar City, to Deadwood. From Rapid City to Crook City. ‘ From Fort Lincoln to Deadwood City. From Sioux City, via Firesteel to Fort Thompson. From Yankton to Deadwood in the Black Hills. ‘ From Deadwood, via Tongue, Big Horn and Stillwater Rivers, to Bozeman, Montana. FLORIDA. Florida. From Hawkinsville to Fort Mason. _ From Volusia to Fort Mason. From Lake Jessup, via Orlando, Bartow and Cork, to Tampa. From Micanopy to Ocala, via Orange Lake Post Onice and Milwood. From Orlando to Tampa, via Bartow. . From Volusia to Leesburg. x1x—-·:.‘