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338 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. OH. 103. 1877. G¤¤rz¤» GEORGIA. From Rome, Georgia, via Texas Valley, Millville, Hosten’s Store and Alpine to Valley Head in Alabama. From Villa Rica to Drakestown. From Rockmart, via Tallapoosa Copper Mines, to Buchanan. From Station No. 2. Georgia Central Railroad to the house of Samuel E. Groover, in the county of Bullock. From Wayerass, via Traders’ Hill, to Central Village. From Augusta to Hepzibah. From Rutledge to Fair Play. . From Cohuttah to Cohuttah Springs. From Clarksville to King’s Store. ‘ From Cumming to Dawsonville. From Hazlehurst to Douglas. From Americus to Bottsford. From Colquitt to Horn’s Cross-Roads. From Arlington to Keyton’s. From Cave Spring to Livingston. Iam. IDAHO. ` O From Eagle Rock, via Birch Creek, Junction and Lemhi to Salmon ity. From Mount Idaho, via Kamai Indian Agency to Pierce City. From Rock Creek, via Goose Creek, Marsh Basin, and Carson Creek to Kelton, Utah. Illinois. ILLINOIS From Clear Creek to Thebes. Indiana INDIANA. From La Porte, Indiana, to Three Oaks, Michigan, via Hatch Mills. From Rockport to Cannelton. From Aurora to Hartford. From Huntington to Manchester, via Silverton, West Point, and Bracken Post Otltlce. From N ine Mile Post Office to Zanesville. From Hillham to Celestine, via Ellis and Simmon’s. From Pleasant Plain, via Lancaster, to Huntington. Indian Territory. INDIAN TERRITORY. From Fort Gibson to Fort Sumner, N. M. Iowa. IOWA. From Oxford to Keota, via Lytle City. From Red Oak to Sidney. . From Sioux City, via Ponca, Nebraska, to Rapides City, Dakota. From Grinnell to Tama City. From Oelwein, via Mill, Sumner, and Fredericksburgh, to New Hampton. From Onowa, via Bagg’s, Morehead, Soldier, St Clair and Ute, to Charter Oak. K From Sioux Rapids, via Pickerel Lake and Swan Lake to Pocahontas Centre. . From Onowa, via Maple Landing, Badger Lake, and Sweet Settlement, to Sloan. From Millidgeville to Griiiinsville.