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FORTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. GH. 103, 104. 1877. 343 WYOMING. Wyoming. A From Laramie City, via North Park and Hahn’s Peak to White River gooey. Frpm Fort Laramie, via J enney’s Stockade and Inyan Kara, to Dead- . woo: . ‘ From Rawlins to Bennetts Rancho. From Fort Laramie, via. Custer City, to Deadwood. From Green River City, via.Brown’s Park, Ashley’s Fork, Uintah Indian Reservation, Ducheson River, South Fork, San Rafael River, and Castle Valley, to Salina Approved, March 3, 1877. CHAP. 104.--An act to provide for compensation to the owners of certain lands March 3, 1877. ceded by the United States to Great Britain in and by the treaty of Washington of —-—-—-———-——-— July 9, 1842 _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Whereas the United States in Preamble. and by the treaty of Washington of July ninth eighteen hundred and forty two by adopting a conventional line, “ from the monument at the source of the river Saint Croix, running north, following the exploring line run and marked by the surveyors of the two governments in the years eighteen hundred and seventeen and eighteen hundred and eighteen" instead of a true line did cede to the British crown a strip of land commencing at an angle at said monument and increasing to nearly one mile in width at the river Saint John, certain portions of which, amounting to ten thousand seven hundred and eighteen acres and one hundred and thirty seven square rods, had been granted to citizens of the United States by the States of Maine and Massachusetts while the same were in the lines of the United States, and for which the United States received compensation in equivalents and concessions from the British Crown and whereas the United States have made compensation to the States of Maine and Massachusetts for so much of said territory as was owned by them, respectively, and all citizens owning lands on the rest of said exp`loring·line, which vested in British subjects by operation of the treaty aforesaid under the act of July twelfth eighteen hundred and sixty two, and other acts, and have hitherto failed to make compensation to those citizens owning lands upon the strip and tract cast of said exploring line, which passed either to British subjects or the British Crown by virtue of said exploring-line being adopted as the treaty line between the two countries at that point, whereby said citizens became entitled to compensation for said lands so appropriated to public use: To the end, therefore, that compensation may now be made by the United States to the parties entitled thereto, Be il enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- Paym ent for ury be, and hereby is, authorized and directed to pay to the parties 1audtr¤n¤f¤r1‘¤dt¤’ entitled thereto compensation for said land taken from the State of Nu‘:,W ]:,f““¤"“'*‘g§.` Maine by said conventional line, and included in the province of New 3,,1;%, 184%% y ‘ Brunswick, not exceeding ten thousand seven hundred and eighteen Quantity_ acres and one hundred and thirtyseven square rods appropriated by the United States as aforesaid, its value in money at the date of said appropriation, and also for all timber out therefrom by British subjects Paymentfcrtim. during the suspension of jurisdiction by the respective governments bor. preceding said treaty: Provided, That the whole amount of compensa— Average rate of tion so made for said land and timber shall not exceed an average com- compensationpensation of three dollars per acre, and that the same shall be distributed and applied in proportion to the relative value of said lands when