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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 40. 1876. 1] himself or others, shall be regarded as an inebriate or habitual drunkard. Sec. 10. That the trustees and superintendent of said asylum shall, E¤\t¤l<>y¤3¤e¤t of so far as may be practicable, employ such inebriates as are without the P°°"‘“"1""°“‘*‘· means of support in such labor as may be adapted to their capacity; and for this purpose they shall arrange in separate departments of their buildings, or in separate cdiiices, workshops and appliances by which ‘ such labor may be made, if possible, a source of income and a· means of promoting the reformation of the persons employed. From the profits h P"‘:{l*S °f ]°b°’· of such labor, if any, the actual cost of support of each inebriate may °w `Sp°S°d °f‘ be deducted and retained by the institution, and any surplus shall be paid. to his (or her) family, or, in case he (or she) have no family, to himself (or herself') or his (or her) committee, trustees, or guardian for his (or her) benefit, at the time of his (or herldischarge from the asylum. And labor performed upon the grounds or premises of the asylum by prggggr t° be "¥" inmates thereof shall be fairly appraised, and the proceeds shall be dis- ` bursed as above provided. Sec. 11. Thatnoperson shallsellany strongorspirituousliquorsor wine , S¤lP°fi¤*¤>$i¤=y¥- or fermented liquors within the distance of one-fourth of a mile from the g"“h‘" outward bounds of the land and premises of the said asylum hereby in- I I S' corporated, and whoever shall violate the terms of this section shall forfeit fifty dollars for each offense, and shall also be guilty of a misde- ‘ meanor: Provided That the site or location of said asylum be not nearer Proviso. than one quarter of a mile of the corporate limits of the city of Washington. ` Sec. 12. That no person shall enter or pass upon the land or premises P¤r¤¤it¤ to 61-MY of said asylum, other than the officers of said asylum, officers ofjustioe, p""m‘“S· and those having business with said asylum, without a written or printed pass or permit from that oiilcer of the asylum who may be empowered by the by-laws of said asylum to issue such pass; and any person violating the provisions of this section shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars, and be guilty of a misdemeanor. All penalties imposed in this act shall Penalties, how be sued for and recovered in the name of the president of the asylum., "°°°"""d· and shall be paid to the treasurer thereof, for the support of any poor persons who may be inmates of said asylum. _ _ Sec. 13. That the superintendent of said asylum is hereby authorized l°`°g‘°°“’b°“» I QV' to appoint two or more of the attendants and employees of said asylum f,°fQ§]0?°° mx ( u` as policemen, whose duty it shall be, under his order or that of the as- . sistant superintendent, to arrest and return to the asylum such inebriates as have escaped therefrom, or any patient who shall violate any law of the asylum, or person trespassing on the grounds or premises of said asylum, contrary to the provisions of section twelve of this act. Sec. 14. That the board of trustees of said asylum shall make an A¤¤¤¤lY¢I><>Pt by annual report at their first meeting in November of their proceedings, '““St°““· income, expenditures, the number of patients received, discharged, and remaining in the institution, verified by the affidavit of the president and the treasurer; which report shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of the I uterior.

 15. That any State or territorial legislature, municipal council, M¤l¤t<>¤}=¤¤<=¤ 0*

or authorities of the District of Columbia, may provide for the mainte- §g;;€SPQf(Q°“°° by nance in the said asylum of any number of poor patients by appropri- ’ ` ` ating sufficient funds for that purpose, and any person who shall donate Donors, rights0L or leave by legacy the sum of five thousand dollars to the said Washington City lnebriate Asylum shall establish forever a. free bed in said asylum; two thousand five hundred dollars shall provide a free bed in Free teas. said asylum for six monthsin each year; the donor or legator shall name the patient who shall occupy the said free bed; but in case the donor or _ lcgator shall fail to name a patient to occupy the free bed which said donor or legator shall have endowed, then the trustees of said asylum shall fill the said free bed with a poor patient ; the said patients in said free beds shall be provided with medical treatment free of charge, and