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348 FORTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. OH. 105. 1877. 1 To complete the iron railing and general repairs, two thousand dollars. CAPITOL EXTENSION. _Capite1 exten- Capitol extension: For work on the Capitol, and for general care and ¤l°¤· repair thereof forty thousand dollars. Capitolgrounds. For paving court east of the Capitol, sixty-four thousand dollars. Andlallllsums appropriated for the Capitol grounds shall be immediately avai a e. For paving East Capitol street, nine thousand dollars. Repairs and ei. For four new steam-boilers, wastewater pipes, and attachments, for wretivus, Capitol- the Senate wing of the Capitol, fifteen thousand dollars. And the Architect of the Capitol is hereby authorized to dispose of the old boilers at public auction. Repairs of court. For annual repairs of the court-house in the city of Washington, one house. thousand dollars. Improving gapi. For improving the Capitol grounds and for paving road way and foottol grounds. walks in the Capitol grounds, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, Heating, etc., of however, That a sum not exceeding thirty-three thousand dollars of this H°“¤°· appropriation maybe used for the improvement of tho heating and ventilating of the House of Representatives, to be expended by the Architect of the Capitol, in accordance with the report of the board of United States officers convened by request of the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds; and that said board of officers be requested to advise the Architect in the premises ; and that hereafter the subject of ventilation and heating the House of Representatives be placed under the direction of the Architect of the Capitol. . Lighting Capitol For lighting the Capitol, and grounds about the same, including wd g¤>¤¤d¤· Botanical Garden; for gas, pay of lamp lighters, gas fifters, plumbers and plumbing, lamps lamp posts, matches, materials for the electrical battery, and repairs of all kinds, thirty thousand dollars; to be expended under the direction of the Architect of the Capitol. · SURVEYS OF PUBLIC LANDS. Surveys of pub- For survey of the public lands and private land-claims three hun- H°]=*¤<l¤»°*°· dred thousand dollars: Provided, That the sum hereby appropriated P'°"S°‘ shall be expended in such surveys as the public interest may require, under the direction of the Commissioner of the General Land—Otlice, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, and at such rates as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe, not exceeding the P¤<>\‘l¤<>· rate herein authorized: Provided: That no lands shall be surveyed under this appropriation, except, tirst, those adapted to agriculture without artificial irrigation ; second, irrigable lands, or such as can be redeemed and for which there is sufficient acccssable water for the reclamation and cultivation of the same not otherwise utilized or claimed ; third, timber lands bearing timber of commercial value; fourth, coal lands containing coal of commercial value; fifth, exterior boundary of Cost of survey. town-sites; sixth private land claims, the cost of such surveys shall Startingpoints. not exceed ten dollars per mile thr standard lines (and the starting point for said survey may be established by triangulation,) seven dollars for township and six dollars for section lines, except that the Commissioner of the General Land Office may allow for the survey of standard lines in heavily timbered and mountainous land a. sum not exceeding sixteen dollars per mile, and for township lines, not exceeding fourteen P¤>Vi¤0· dollars, and for section lines not exceeding ten dollars: Provided, The amounts hereby appropriated for surveys of public lands shall be made available immediately. Eastern bound- For survey of eastern boundary of Wyoming Territory, estimated ¤1‘y0fW¥¤¤¤i¤e· length one hundred and thirty-nine miles, being that part of the twenty-seventh meridian of longitude west from Washington lying between the forty-third and forty-tlfth degrees of north latitude, and