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356 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 105. 1877. F¤¢d· G· Bfom- Frederick G. Bromberg, to pay contested election case of Bromberg b"’g· vs Haralson one thousand five hundred dollars The above appropriations for contestants and contestees shall be im- _ mediately available. Boundary b6_ For retracing and conspicuously marking the boundary line between tween Arkansas the State of Arkansas and the Indian Territory, at a rate not exceedand Indian Terri- ing fifty dollars per linear mile (estimated distance one hundred and . "°‘,lég5 Ch ,40 ninety eight miles) in accordance with the act of March third eighteen 18 SgM_;4-,6_’ hundred and seventy five, nine thousand, nine hundred dollars, and ten dollars each for one hundred and ninety eight iron boundary mile posts, one thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars; in all, eleven thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. . Report or ooni- That the unexpended balance of the appropriation made by the act _ ¤¤i¤¤i<>¤<—>r¤ on of June eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy four for the survey of lgggyjgrgtgpatgggg the boundary between the United States and the British possessions B,mShp,,,,Sm,O,,S_ from the Lake of the Woods to the summit of the Itocky Mountains 1874, oh. 275, being the sum of fifteen thousand, nine hundred and ninety two dollars 18 Sm-,71- and thirty six cents, be and the same is hereby, continued and made available, or such part thereof as may be required, for the printing and publication ol' the report of the Commissioner of the United States with the reports of the chief astronomer and his subordinates, with the necessary maps, drawings, and illustrations, under the direction of the Secretary of State . Heyl’s *‘Dutios For five hundred copies of the latest edition of Lewis Heyls work - °“ I‘“P°*`*S·” entitled “United States Duties on Imports" twelve hundred and nity dollars; one copy for each Senator Representative and Delegate, and the residue for the use of the committees of the Senate and House of Representatives. Paving Hanover To enable the Secretary of the Navy to grade and pave Hanover ¤“°“·A"¤¤P°H¤· street bounding on the grounds of the United States Naval Academy, from Governor street to the harbor, or waters edge, Annapolis Mary- , land, three thousand dollars. A¤¤¤l¤ Md D6- For the purchase from B. Lewis Blackford, of one hundred sets of the b’“°*’ Of C°“g"”· Annals and Debates of Congress from seventeen hundred and eighty- nine to eighteen hundred and twenty-four, each set containing forty two volumes, fifty sets for the library and the committee rooms of the Senate, and fifty sets for the library and the committee rooms of the House of Representatives, at one dollar a volume four thousand two hundred dollars. Additional police To enable the Metropolitan Police Board of the District of Columbia €?;`;°d;“ ““‘“€“"“·‘ to employ additional police force on inauguration day, one thousand I y` dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ Expenses re1at· For compensation of three commissioners clerk and stenographer, mg "° HW SP““€“ office expenses surveying and draughting labor and so forth as pror°§°g;`§a;Q?,O,_ vided for in statute relating to the disposition of the Hot Springs respon;311_ ervation approved at the present session of Congress, twenty seven proviso, thousand five hundred dollars: Provided That the sum above mentioned shall be repaid to the Treasury of the United States from the fund arising from the sale of the Hot Springs reservation. nnrtnt1di*si·‘oun- For the purchase of Bartboldis Fountain, exhibited at the Internami¤· tional Exhibition in eighteen hundred and seventy-six, the sum ol' six thousand dollars. · Sewerage of Ti- For the completion of the system of sewerage and necessary filling of bef Valley- Tiber Valley in Washington between L. street and the Capitol according to the estimate of Ri. L. Hoxie engineer in charge, of date of Fehruary twentieth eighteen hundred and seventy seven or so much thereof as may be pecessary, tlwenlgy thousarél eltollarp. - To pay the amount ne amilton . <ant or rent or hire of quarters HumM0nG'Fmf for troops and officers on military duty at Point Lookout, Maryland, be- _ ing a dedcieney for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-one and prior years, andbein g for that amount certified on the eleventh day