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360 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 105. 1877. 1874.¤b-@05, connection of mi1itary posts and stations and for the better protection lg,§“;l‘;·E’;b of immigration and the frontier settlements from depredations, especially 18 gg,,,_;388j in the State of Texas and the Territories of New Mexico and Arizona and the Indian Territory, under the provisions of the act approved ' March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars. . Geographical For geographical surveys of the territory west of the one hundredth SUFVGYSS CUMVSM meridian, and for preparing, engraving and printing the cuts, charts,

  • ’1“"S* °t°‘ plates and atlas sheets for geographical surveys west of the one hundredth lmeridian, fifty thousand dollars, which shall be immediately

availab e. Collection and Collection and payment of bounty, prize money, and other claims of E I’”~Y”'*’“'° °f b°“¤· colored soldiers and sailors: For salaries of agents and clerks; rent of t'y’ °t°‘ offices, fuel, lights, stationery, and similar necessaries, oiizice furniture and repairs; transportation of officers and agents; telegraphing and post- _ age fifteen thousand dollars. _ State peniteuti- For payment of costs and charges of State penitentiaries for the care, Mics. ew- clothing, maintenance, and medical attendanceof United States military convicts confined in them, fifteen thousand dollars. _ Reeorrlsofrenoll- For publication of official records of the rebellion, both of the Union My; _ and Confederate armies twenty thousand dollars; to be paid to persons I0 “'h°m P“*‘d· only who are not otherwise employed by the Government. support of rmi- For care and support and medical treatment of seventy five transient ¤i<=¤¤ l’*'•»¤P0l`8- paupers medical and surgical patients, in the city of Washington, under a contract to be made with such institution as the Surgeon General of the Army may direct, iilteen thousand dollars; to be expended under his direction. National volon- Surponr on NAT1oNAL Home ron DISABLED VOLUNTEER Soi.-

        • 5* H°m°· DlERS.——For current expenses, including construction and repairs, namely,

’ lor Central branch, Eastern branch, Northwestern branch, Southern branch, and for out—door relief and incidental expenses, eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars Military prison. For the support of the Leavenworth military prison, at Leavenworth, Kansas, forty thousand dollars. State, V\’nr, and State, War, and Navy Department building. For continuation of the Navy' Department east wing of the building, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and b’~"m"‘T—¥· for preparing granite for the construction of the north wing, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; which shall be immediately available, and expended under the direction of the Secretary of War. Amo,,,,,; ;;mi,,,_ For furnishing artiiicial limbs or appliances, or commutation therefor, and for transportation, one hundred thousand dollars. S,,,,,;,,,,,,; appli, For providing surgical appliances for the relief of persons disabled in _ ances, ere. the military or naval service of the United States not otherwise provided for, three thousand dollars.

,i,,,iic,,1,,,,dS,,,. For preparation ot illustrations to complete the second edition of the

gical History. Medical and Surgical History of the War, Part Ill, twenty five thousand dollars · Repairs at navy- NAVY YARDS AND STATIONS. For repairs at the different navy yards yards. and stations, and preservation of the same, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Agricultural no- DEPARTMENT or Aeuroumunn For labor, manure, repairing con- 1>=¤¤¤¤¢¤¤ aP<>¤¤d¤- crete walks and laying new concrete walks, purchase of trees for arboretum, and for tools and repairs of mowing machines ; in all, six thousand five hundred dollars. Inquiry into con- For continuing and completing the preparation of a report on forestry ¤¤¤1P*i<>}¤ ¤·¤d Sup-. as provided for by “An act making appropriations for the legislative Pllggg °“°· executive and judicial expenses of the Government for the year ending A,,,,’165_ ’ June thirtieth eighteen hundred and seventy seven and for other pur— ' poses approved July fifteenth eighteen hundred and seventy six, two thousand five hundred dollars.