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370 FOBTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 106. 1877. MISCELLANEOUS. ¥’ej¤e¤i=-Oiiiee; For printing and binding for the Patent-Office by the Public Printer, P““°‘“g¤ °*°· forty-one thousand dollars. Pep¤i¤¤·0 iii ee; For contingent expenses of the Pension-Office, namely: For stationery, °°“*“’€°“* °"P°“‘ carpets, mats, furniture, awnings, and repairs of the same ; for fuel, gas, m' engraving and retouching plates; for bounty·land warrants, printing and binding the same, engraving and printing pension-certificates, and for other necessary expenses of the office, five thousand dollars. r Rent or Wright’s For rent of building on the corner of Eighth and G streets, known as ‘>¤“di¤3$ l°°°° *° "Wright’s building,” nine thousand dollars, being a deficiency for the b° “"“"““'“°d‘ fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby directed to terminate said Fi1i¤i”e i<==¤·¤¤¤ i¤ lease on or before the thirtieth day of June next; and hereafter no 3jt"°t °f C°1“'“' contract shall be made for the rent of any building, or part of any build- ' ing, to be used for the purposes of the Government in the District of Columbia, until an appropriation therefor shall have been made in terms by Congress, and that this clause be regarded as notice to all contractors or lessors of any such building or any part of building. . Postal cards. To enable the Postmaster-General to provide for the manufacture of postal cards, thirty-one thousand dollars. General Post-Of- To repair the roof and make additions to the heating-apparatus of 6°°9 '°°*`» °'°°· the General Post Office building, nine thousand two hundred and twelve dollars. Naval Solicitor. For salary of the naval solicitor, from August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- seven, three thousand and seventy-two dollars and five cents. Collections in For the National Museum in charge of the Smithsonian Institution: N¤i*°¤¤1M¤¤6¤m· For restoring to their proper place in the National Museum cases removed to the International Exhibition, and re-arranging the collections, and for expenses and preservation of the collections, and for receiving, packing, and transporting the objects presented to the United States at the Centennial by State and foreign governments, and for properly storing and preserving them until a proper disposition can be made of the same, twenty-nve thousand dollars. ~ Botanical Gar- For tubs, pots, packing-material, labels, seeds, envelopes, grading,

  • 1****- repairing sewer, horse-hire, and manure for the Botanical Garden, one

thousand dollars. Monetary com- To pay the expenses of the monetary commission provided for by the ¤¤¤¤i°¤9 °!P°¤¤°¤· joint resolution of August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, fifteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. SENATE. Clerks to com- For clerks to committees and pages for the current fiscal year, five mlmés- thousand dollars. Folders. For pay of folder , one thousand seven hundred and forty dollars. Horses. . For horses and wagons, two thousand dollars. Furniture a n d For furniture and repairs for the current fiscal year, four thousand six Pepeife- hundred dollars; and for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy- six, five hundred and twenty-six dollars and fifteen cents; in all, five thousand one hundred and twenty-six dollars and fifteen cents. Packing-boxes. For packing-boxes, fifty dollars. Committee on To defray the actual and necessary expenses of the Committee on Privileges Mid Privileges and Elections, and other expenses necessarily incurred in £;°°*·‘°"i °‘P°“' making the investigations directed by Senate resolution of December ' fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, in the several States named therein, the sum of forty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; said appropriation to be paid into the contingent fund of the Senate. And the disbursingofficer of the Senate shall advance such parts of the sum above appropriated to the Sergeantat-Arms of the