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FOBKDY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 108. 1877. 379 Sec. 8. That the commissioners shall have power to straighten or As t<>stre¤ts,ctc. widen any of the present streets or alleys in the town of Hot Springs, and to lay off such additional streets, alleys, and roads in said Hot Springs reservation, or in the town, befbre the sale or disposition of any of the property herein mentioned, as the convenience of the public and the interest of the United States may require, and for that purpose may condemn all buildings that they may iiud necessary to condemn in order to straighten or widen said streets and alleys, or to lay od` new streets, alleys, and roads, and also all buildings or improvement on the reservation herein made, and to iix the value on all property t-hus condemned. Sec. 9. That it shall be the duty of said commissioners, without Report of comdelay, to file in the office of the Secretary of the Interior, the map and m§‘°”· survey herein provided for, with the boundary—lines of each claim °’p' clearly marked thereon, and with each division and subdivision traced . and numbered, accompanied by a schedule, showing the name of each claimant, and of each lot or parcel of land, the appraised value thereof, numbers to correspond with such claim upon the map , also all of the Evidence and evidence taken by them respecting the claimants’ possessory right of finding. occupation to any portion of the Hot Springs reservation and their tindings in each case; also their appraisal of each tract or parcel of land, Appraised value. and the improvement thereon ; and it shall be the duty of said commissioners to issue a certificate to each claimant, setting forth the Certificates to amount of land the" holder is entitled to purchase, and the valuation °l¤»i¤¤=*¤*S· fixed thereon, and also showing the character and the valuation fixed upon the improvements of said tract or parcel of land, and to issue a certificate or certificates to all persons whose improvements are condemned, as herein provided, showing the value of said improvements. . Sec. 10 That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior, Lands may be within thirty days after said commissioners ile said report and map in ¤¤¤¢¤>d ¤¤d DM- his office, to instruct the United States land-officers of Little Rock °"t°d· (Arkansas) land district to allow said lands to be entered as hereinafter provided, and to cause a patent to issue therefor; and it shall be the duty of the land officers authorized to sell said lands to give twenty Public notice to days public notice in the Little Rock and Hot Springs newspapers that be giV¤¤· said lands are subject to entry in accordance with the provisions of this act. Sec. 11. That any claimant or occupant, his heirs or legal represent- Cin i m ants to atives, in whose favor said commissioners have adjudicated, shall, h==¤’<> Yield W GMM under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may aud WY f°’ I““d“· prescribe, have the sole right to enter and pay for, at the price fixed by said commissioners, the amount of land the commissioners had adjudged that they were entitled to purchase, at any time within twelve months Time auewedfer next after the land-officers give the public notice herein required. purchase. Sec. -12. That upon the failure of any claimant or occupant in whose On failure of favor the commissioners have adjudged to pay the valuation fixed upon claimarwt to pursaid land within the time and, in the manner herein prescribed, then f;‘·*S°,dP;;’¥;b‘3`,§§0'h° said lands, together with all other lands that no one has an adjtldieated S° ' right to purchase under this act shall be sold, by direction of the Secretary of the Interior, to the highest bidder at public sale for not less ‘ than the appraised value thereof at the land office at Little Rock, after notice of such sale has been advertised three months in some newspaper Notice of salein the town of Hot Springs and in such other papers as he may designate, said lands and improvements to be sold together; and the pro- Disposition of ceeds arising from the sale thereof shall be paid to the receiver of public proceedsmoneys at the land-office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sec. 13. That any claimant or occupant whocloes not desire to pur- Improvements chase the lands adjudicated to him or her at the valuation fixed by said may b° '°'-“°'°d· commissioners shall have the right to remove any improvements made on said land, at his or her own cost, before the time fixed for the pay- ment for said lands. Sec. 14. That the money arising from the sale of the lands shall be Disposition of paid into the Treasury in the same manner as other moneys arising P*°°°°d° of Sm-