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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 42. 1876. 15 From Abington, Knox County, to London Mills, Fulton County, via Hermon. e From Nashville, Washington County, to New Minden From Beecher, Eiiingham County, London City, Fayette County, via Greenland and White Oak Point. From Potosi, Livingston County, to Saybrook, in M e.Lean County. From Mount Sterling, via Buekhorn and Benville in Brown County, and Fish Hook, to Baylis in Pike County, Illinois From Union Centre, Cumberland County, to Casey, Clark County. From Indianola to Sidell’s Grove. From Carbery, Kankakee County, to Sugar Loaf, Ford County. INDIANA. Indiana} ’ From Bloomingsburg, via Big Foot, to Sevastopol. From Booneville to Newburg. From Fisher’s Switch to Mattsvillc. From Laporte, Indiana, to Three Oaks, Michigan, via Hatch Mills. From Elwood, Madison County, to Marion, Grant County, via Rigdon, Haekelnian and Shadesville. From Bluffton, Wells County, to Warren, in Huntington County. From Red Key to Penville in Jay County. From Pleasant-Plains, to Mt. Aetna, Indiana. From the Township line of Weii·d and Jackson Townships in Randolph County, running south one mile from New Pittsburg, thence west on Section line one mile south of County line between Jay and Randolph Counties and then intersecting the old Winchester and Portland mail road to Randolph, Randolph County. From Poplar Grove to Young America. ~ From Anderson, Madison County to Knightstown Henry County, via Ovid and Markleville in Madison County Indiana. . IOWA. From Fonda via Pocahuntas to Ralfe. From Arcadia via Wall Lake to Sac City. From Greenfield to Creston. ·~ * From Oxford in Johnson County to Lytle City in Iowa County. From Orange City via Royal Ridge to Big Sioux River in Township 97 north. * · From Fonda to Sac City From Sheldon to Big Sioux River in Township 97, North. From West Union to Brush Creek in Fayette County via Lima, VY/'adena and Taylorville. · From Mount Aetna to Whitneyville. From Luni to Wesley. From Denison via Morgan and Snyderville to Ida. From Orange City to Calliope. _ , From Walnut to Red Oak. From Locust Plain to Pleasant. From Sioux Rapids, Buena Vista County to Sewell in the same County. From Sioux Rapids, Buena Vista County, via Schackton Settlement and Silver Lake, to Emmetshurg Palo Alto County. From Sioux Rapids to Pringar in C’Brien County. From Casey to Greenfield. KANSAS. Kansas} From Beloit to Russell, Russell County. For extension oi' mail route 33231 from Douglas via Richland, Centre, Rose Hill, Iowaville to Wichita.