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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. OH. 111. 1877. 387 and one porter; for keeping grounds in order and repairs to buildings; for fuel, light, and office-furniture; and for stationery, purchase of books for library, chemicals for batteries, and freight, and all other contingent expenses, ten thousand dollars. For reducing and transcribing astronomical observations upon sheets for publication, two thousand two hundred dollars. For continuing theory and tables of the moon’s motion, one thousand two hundred dollars. For the reduction of the late observations upon the transit of Venus; five thousand dollars. For expenses of observing the transit of Mercury on May sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, at various points in the United States, one thousand five hundred dollars. For expenses of Nautical Almanac z For pay of computers and clerk for compiling and preparin g Ibr pub- N;,um,,] Ai,,,,,, lication the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, fifteen thousand mw. dollars. " For rent, fuel, labor, stationery, boxes, expresses, and miscellaneous items, one thousand five hundred dollars. A ‘ For continuance of work on new planets discovered by American astronomers, three thousand dollars. BUREAU OF ORDNANOE. For fuel, tools, and materials of all kinds necessary in carrying on Ordnance and the mechanical branches of the Ordnance Department at the several Wl'*¤·"<‘•*·Sl°*`•‘**~ navy-yards, magazines, and stations, fifty thousand dollars. For labor at all the navy-yards, magazines, and stations in fitting ships for sea and in preserving ordnance material, one hundred and twenty-fivethousand dollars. *·~·— For necessary repairs to ordnance buildings, magazines, gun-parks, boats, lighters, wharves, machinery, and other necessaries of the like ‘ character, ten thousand dollars. For miscellaneous items, namely, for freight to foreign and home stations, advertising and auctioneers’ fees, cartage and express charges, repairs to iireengines, gas and water pipes, gas and water tax at magazines, toll, fcrriage, foreign postage, and telegrams, three thousand · dollars. ~ For the torpedo corps: For the purchase and manufacture and pre- Tm~pt»uc corps, servation of gunpowder, nitro-glycerine, and gun-cotton, six thousand dollars. V For instruction in electricity, electrical apparatus, galvanic batteries, _ and insulated wire, five thousand dollars. For purchase of copper, iron, wood, and other materials and apparatus and machinery necessary for the manufacture of torpedoes, and for work on the same, lifteen thousand dollars. For labor, including chemist, pyrotcclmist, electrician, one foremanmachinist, and one writer, ten thousand dollars. For repairs to buildings and wharves, and material and labor for seawall, two thousand dollars. For freight and express charges, five hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of the ordnance service of the Navy, one thousand dollars. BUREAU OF EQUIPMENT AND RECRUITING. For equipment of vessels: For coal for steamers’ and ships’ use, in- Equip men 1. or cluding expenses of transportation; storeage, labor, hemp, wire, and *’<>¤S¢l¤· other materials for the manufacture of rope; hides, cordage, canvas, leather; iron for manufacture ofcables, anchors, and galleys; condensing and boat-detaching apparatus; cables, anchors, furniture, hose, bake ovens, and cookingstoves; life-rafts for monitors; lieatingappa-