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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 217. 1876. 465 To Michael Spilane, Baltimore, Maryland, forty dollars and sixty-two t Moriyland, ooocents. imw - To Maria L. Swann, oxecutrix of Edward Swann, deceased, Baltimore, one thousand one hundred and fifty-five dollars. d To Geoggeil Shaler, Frederick County, one hundred and fifty-seven 0 ars an t irty-five cents. To Bgohard T. Tubman, Charles County, forty-nine dollars and twenty- ve cents. To1Slamuel Wagoner, Washington County, one thousand and twenty- one dollars. - · G To William Watkins, Montgomery County, fifty-five dollars and sixty- ve cen s. To David Wolf, Washington County, one hundred and eighty dollars. To Benjamin Witmer, Washington County, twenty dollars. To Jgihn Zimmerman, Wzishiiigton County, thirtyeight dollars and twenty- ve cents. OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 1 Dgstrict or oo- HID 18:- To Charles Bradley, in his own right, and Charles Bradley, administrator of Caroline Magruder, deceased, Washington County, four thousand five hundred and ninety-six‘dollars·and sixty-four cents. Tc; Malry Brown, executrix of Thomas Brown, deceased, one thousane eig t undred and seventy dollars. hTo Emily Beale, Washiiigton County, seventy-nine dollars and thirty t ree cents. To Ellen J. King, executrix of J. H.· King, deceased, Washington County, seven hundred and thirty-tivo dollars and thirty-tive cents. To Alexander McCormack, Washington County, two hundred and ninety seven dollars and fifty cents. To John R. Nortoii, Georgetown, two hundred dollars. To Joshua A. Ritchie, Washington County, one hundred and fifteen dollars and Iilty cents. ‘ OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. nnroir. Q To William C. Brady, Cass County, one hundred and thirty-tive dollars. To Levi Glenn, Hamilton County, one hundred and forty-tivo dollars. To Emma C. McGhee, administratrix of Andrew J. McGhee, deceased, . White County, one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents or THE STATE OF IOWA. * I¤w=~- To William Cooper, Lee County, two hundred and seventy dollars. OF THE STATE OF OHIO. Ohio- To Rollin L. Curtis, surviving partner of rMoLaughlin and Curtis, Washington County, ninety-seven dollars and seventeen cents. OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. Pennsylvania. b To Eldon and Walter, Franklin County, two hundred and eighty three dollars. To S. J. Weltz, Adams County, twenty-two dollars and eighty nine cents. ' OF THE STATE OF NORTH CABOLINA. North Carolina. To Benjamin Emmert, Bowan County, three hundred and ninety-six dollars and twenty-five cents. xix--30