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ronrrrounrn oonennss. snss. 1. cn. 275. 1876 487 Ti; John Flory, nine hundred and twenty-four dollars and twenty girginia, contin- . cg;] _ ue . · To Mary Foley, one hundred and thirty-Evo dollars. To Richard H. Follin, one hundred and forty four dollars To Joseph B. Ficklin, executor of the estate of Joseph B. Ficklin, deceased, eight thousand two hundred and two dollars and iorty two cents. To Gustavus Gaines, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Joel Garber, six hundred and ten dollars. To Nathaniel Gaskins, three hundred and twenty seven dollars and fifty cents. To Adam B. Gladden, two hundred and seventy dollars. To Bushrod R. Gore, four hundred and forty two dollars. To Robert Hamilton and John McCarter, surviving administrators of Jogeph E. Edsall, deceased, six thousand three hundred and forty-nine 0 ars. To James W. Green, two hundred and twenty five dollars. To Ebenezer Grubb, eighty two dollars. _ To Samuel N. Grubb, one thousand two hundred and forty seven dol- _ lars and fifty cents. To William H. Hailey two hundred dollars. To William J. Harding, two thousand three hundred and seventy- seven dollars and seventy-five cents. To Joseph S. Hart, two hundred and seventy dollars and fifty two cents. To Electy Hayes, administratrix of the estate of John Hayes, deceased, one hundred and seventy two dollars. To Robert Henderson, eighty dollars. To Horace B. Hewitt one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. d To Gustavus R. B. Horner, one thousand nine hundred and tour 0 ars. E To Amasa Hough, junior six hundred and twenty four dollars and tty cents. To Amasa, junior, Ellen H., Joseph B., William T., Wa1~wick C. Hough, Deborah B. Birdsall, and Elizabeth Steer, heirs of Amasa Hough, senior, deceased, eight hundred and twelve dollars and nf ty cents. To Elias Hndlow, one hundred dollars. To Westward Hudnall, eight hundred and thirteen dollars. To Ada C., Joseph L., Lewis W., Virginia P., and William Jennings heirs of Joseph L. Jennings, deceased, one thousand nine hundred and six dollars and fourteen cents. _ To Court H. Johnson, one hundred and thirty-two dollars and forty- six cents. To Joseph N. J oliife, four hundred and three dollars and four cents. To Milford Jones, seventy nine dollars and sixty eight cents. To George W. Joy, one hundred dollars. To William Kern, two hundred and eighty-two dollars. To Charles W. Kitchen, one hundred and forty seven dollars. To John S. Knox, junior, guardian of George Somerville, two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars. To Mary Knoxville, seventy three dollars and fifty cents. g To William F. Kyger, administrator of the estate of Alexander Kyger, deceased, eight hundred and eighty-two dollars. ' To Richard Lancaster, two hundred dollars. To Littleton L. Lee, one thousand five hundred and eighty two dollars. To William B. and Margaret A. Lewis, two hundred and ninety dollars. To Absalom McGee, six hundred and twenty nine dollars and fifty cents. ` ‘ To James McWilliams, three hundred and ninety dollars. To Anderson Malone, two hundred and forty dollars. To Peyton Malone, one hundred and five dollars. To T. M. Manchester, six hundred and sixty dollars and fifty cents.