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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. OH. 148. l8T7. 535 W., Thomas L., Robert B., E. Morris, and Charles B. Cropley, one Virginia, coulin thousand seven hundred and fourteen dollars and twenty-nine cents. ¤¤<l· To Mary Jane Cullers, one hundred dollars. To Warren G. Cumber, two hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To Benjamin Dabney, one hundred dollars. To Robert Dabney, one hundred and twelve dollars. To Beverley Dixon, one hundred and eighty-two dollars. · To Alexander Donnan, administrator of Alexander Bryant, deceased, two thousand one hundred and seventyfive dollars. ‘ To Thomas Devel and David J. Garber, administrators of Tandy Devel, deceased, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars. To Noah Early, two hundred and lorty-four dollars. To Richard Ennis, four hundred and eighty-seven dollars. To Joshua Everhart, seven hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To Nathaniel Ewing, three thousand four hundred and thirty-one dollars. To Jacob Briscoe, two hundred and forty dollars. To Lydia Fishburn, widow of Philip Fishburn, seven hundred and and fourteen dollars. To Daniel Fiery, two hundred and fifty-seven dollars and sixty cents. To Benjamin T. Franklin one hundred and sixty dollars. To Harris Freeman, two hundred and seventyeight dollars. To Lewis Funkhouser, one hundred and twenty-two dollars. To John Gangwcr, two hundred and forty-four dollars. To John J. Garber, one hundred and fourteen dollars. . To Emanuel Garmong, four hundred and eighteen dollars and flfty cents. To Glascoe Gaskins, one hundred dollars. To Jacob Geil, four hundred and eighty dollars. To William Getz, four hundred and five dollars. To Daniel J. Good, two hundred and thirteen dollars. To Eliza Gouchenour, widow of Isaac Gouchenour, five hundred and twelve dollars and nfty cents. To Thomas Griilis, ninety-five dollars. To Aaron H. Griilith, eight hundred dollars and fifty cents. To Thomas Harman, two hundred dollars. To Thomas E. Hatcher, two hundred and seventy-three dollars and seventy-five cents. · To Thomas J. Hill, three hundred and fifty dollars. To William Holladay, seventy-eight dollars. To G. W. Hollar, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To William S. Hersey, eight hundred and sixty-tive dollars. To Julia Ann Hughes, widow of, and Joseph H. Hughes, Julia Ann Faunce, and Mary E. Brown, heirs of Thomas Hughes, deceased, two hundred and twenty dollars. To Williariu Humphries, one hundred and ten dollars. To Williaui Jackson, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Annie B., Catharine, and Sidney H. Jacobs, heirs of Edward N. Jacobs, deceased, sixty dollars. To Betsy Johnson, fifty-five dollars. To George W. Johnson, one hundred and five dollars. ‘ To Frederick Jones, two hundred and fifty-six dollars and fifty cents. To Levi Jones, one hundred and eighty-three dollars. To Daniel Keller, one thousand and eight dollars and four cents. To Samuel Kenner, five hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Samuel King, two thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars. To George Kline, one hundred dollars. _ To Richard P. Lacey, three hundred and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents. To Robert S. Lacey, four hundred and eighty dollars. To Isaac Lambert, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars.