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CONVENTION—EMPIRE OF JAPAN. AUG. 6, 1873. 559 Amriomu VI. Each country grants to the other the privilege of transit of closed Transit in closed mails exchanged in either direction between the latter mid any country “"m“· to which the other may serve as an intermediary, by its usual means of ` mail transportation, whether on sen or land. Themtes of postage to be paid by the J epsmese Post Department to Rates rm- mmmm, the United States Post Department for the territorial, or territorial and *T¤1‘<>¤ zh Uuiwd sea, transit, of all correspondence in closed mails, sent orrceeived through S“““’· the United States for or from countries or pieces beyond, shall be as follows: (1.) On closed mails, either for or from Mexico, British Columbia, Canada, and other British North Anieriean Provinces, when transmitted entirely by lzmdmoutes, six cents per thirty grammes {br letter-mails, and thirty-two cents per kilogremme for all kinds of printed matter, petterns and samples of merchandise. ' (2.) On closed mails either for or from British Columbia, or other British North American Provinces, Mexico, Central and South America, or the West India Islands, when transported to or from the United States by sen, twenty-five cents per thirty grammes for letter-mails, and forty fxents per·kilogra,mme for printed matter of all kinds, patterns and samp es. (3.) On closed mails either for or from Great Britain, Germany, und other countries of Europe, the same rates of territorial and see postage as those established by the postal conventions between the United States and each of those countries respectively. The rates of postage to be peid by the United States Post-Oilice to Rates for mmm the Japanese Post·OHiee for the territorial, or territorial and sea. transit *b“*“gl* ·’**1’**·“· of correspondence in closed mails sent through Japan for transmission to or from countries and places beyond, shall be agreed upon between the two Post Departments when the exercise of the privilege is required. ' The country which sends or receives closed mails through the other Accounts. shall render an account of the letters, newspapers, book-packets, and patterns contained in such closed mails. ' Anwromz VII. The two Post Departments of the United States end Japan shall 101><>¤·¤·¤¤;¢¤} ¤_>j· establish, by agreement, and in conformity with the arrangements in ;1gT;·‘¥"“° ""°‘€=" force nt the time, the conditions upon which the two oihees may recipro- ' cally exchange, in open mails, the correspondence originating in or destined for toreign countries to which they may respectively serve as intermediaries. . lt is always understood, however, that such correspondence shall only be charged with the rates applicable to direct international correspondence, augmented by the postage due to foreign countries, or by any other tmc for exterior service. - Amxom VIII. The United States Post·0ffico shall account to the Japanese Post— Aqcormt op ¤p<>g Office for the sum of two cents upon every single paid letter from foreign 8*:32;* bl countries sent through the United States in ordinary mails and prepaid ‘ to destination in Japan. ARTICLE IX. All pa.sse11gers’ letters sent back to the United States by pnssinginnil tL¤W>¤¤ mM16d Steamers ou the high sees, shell be paid in full, at ten cents per smgle ”* “°“· mte, with United States postzngestamps; and all passengers! letters sent