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_ C_ONVENTION—El\iPIBE OF JAPAN. AUG. 6, 1873. 56] The register—fee on each registered article shall be ten cents in the B¤gi¤t<~>r-f<=¤· United States and fifteen sen in Japan, and the ordinary postage therecn, as well as the register-tee, must always be fully prepaid. Each ofdee is at liberty to regulate this fee for the registered articles' it despatches. Anrxonm XVII. The two Post Departments shall settle by agreement between them Details. all matters of detail and arrangement required to carry this Convention into execution, and may modify the same in like manner, from time to time, as the exigencies of the service may require. Anrrorn XVIII. · Every fully prepaid letter despatched from one country to the other M¤¤ki¤S·¤¤¤mP¤· shall be plainly stamped with the words ‘*pa€d alZ" in red ink, on the upper right-hand corner of the address, in addition to the date-stamp of the ofiiee at which it_was posted ; and on insufficiently paid letters the amount of the deficient postage shall be inscribed in black ink. ARTICLE XIX. Dead letters which cannot be delivered, from whatever cause, shall Dead l<>tt¤rsbe mutually returned without charge, monthly, or as frequently as the regulations of the respective offices will permit. ARTICLE XX. ` In converting Japanese currency into United States currency, or Conversion of United States currency into Japanese currency, the United States dollar <=¤¤’€¤<=Y· shall be considered the equivalent of the Japanese yen, and the United States cent as the equivalent of the Japanese sen. Anrremr. XXI. · The United States post-ofiice agrees that, upon a notice of six months Discontinu ance being given by the Japanese post-oliice, at any time after the ratifica- °f tg”*'°°g §*;“°E’“ tion of this Convention, the United States Postal Agency at Yokohama, §’g;,m_ as M ° m and all other United States Postal Agencies that are now, or that may hereafter be established within the limits of Japan, shall be discontinued. _ Anrrozna XXII. · This Convention shall go into eifect upon the day on which the Postal C°mm°¤°°*¤°¤*· Agencies of the United States in Japan shall be discontinued. Amrrcnm XXIII. ‘ This Convention shall be tcrminable at any time, on a notice by either Termination. office of one year. It is to be ratified and the ratiiications are to be exchanged as soon as possible. Done in duplicate original at the city of Washington, this 6th day of Signatures. August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sevglnty-three, or the sixth day of the eighth month of the sixth year of eiji. [san,.] SAMB.0 TAKAKI, His Imperial Japanese Majcaty’s Ohargé d’A_faires, ad interim, to the United {States of America. [SEAL.] . JOHN A. J. CBESWELL, Postmaater·Gv1wraZ of the United Stem. xrx·-—36