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564 CONVENTION-EMPIRE OF JAPAN. AUG. 6, 1873. » Amsroxm VIII. Misseut,ctc.,coi~ All correspondence wrongly addressed or missent shall be returned

  • °¤P°¤d°¤°°· without delay by the receiving oince to the exchange office which despatched it.

Amrxcnn IX. Coumptg of M. The dcspatching exchange officc shall state on the 1etter·bills to the ter-bills. intermediate exchange offices the exact number of single rates of letters, or weight, if required, and the total weight of the other correspondence which shall be despatched in closed mails. Done in duplicate and signed in Washington on the 15th day of July, 1874. [smut] J. W. MARSHALL, Postmaster-General. [sm;..] GIRO YANO, His Imperial Japanese Majestyis Oka/rgé d’A_#'aires ad interim.