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GONVENTION-NEW SOUTH WALES. JAN. 15, 1874. 571 V United States by such subsidized packets, and may refuse to forward to their destination by such subsidized packets, all mails, letters, newspapers, or other printed matter received in New South Wales from such colony and addressed to the United States of America, or elsewhere. Auricnn 7. _ The two Post Departments may by mutual agreement provide for R<=2iSt<>re<l mtithe transmission of registered articles in the mails exchanged between °1°"· I the two countries. The register tee foreach article shall be ten cents in the- United States Fwand fourpence in New South Wales. _ Ancrrori S. The two Post Departments shall settle by agreement between them, Details lobe srt- ` all measures of detail and arrangement required to carry this conveu- md by “S*`°°“‘°“'°· tion into execution, and may modify the same in like manner from time to time, as the exigencies of the service may require. A Anrronn 9. . Every fully prepaid letter dispatched from one country to the other Marks onlctters. shall be plainly stamped with the words “Paid all," in rod ink, on the right-hand upper corner of the address, in addition to the date stamp of the office at which it was posted; and on insufficiently paid letters the amount of the deficient postage shall be inscribed in black ink. Ancrronn 10. Dead letters, which cannot be delivered from whatever cause, shall D¤=¤·<l l<>M<>1‘¤- be mutually returned without charge, monthly, er as frequently as the regulations of the respective offices will permit. V Anrionn 11. ` This convention shall come into operation on the first day of Febiu Commqricoment ary, 1874, and shall be terminable at any time, on a notice by either ““d d“”“”‘°“· office of six months. · . Done in duplicate and signed in Wa~shington the fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eighthundred and seventy-four. [SEAL.] JNO. A. J. CItESWELL, Postmaster General of the United States. [sm;..] SAUL SAMUEL, _ Postmaster General of New South Wales. I hereby approve the aforcgoing convention, and in testimony thereof Approval. I have caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. [sum.,] U. S. GRANT. By the President: HAm;u.roN Fisn, Secretary of State. WASHINGTON, January 15, 1874.