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FURTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.103,104,105,1Q6. 1876. upon and paid out either from the contingent funds of the Senate or of how paid for. the House of Representatives, to whichever the deceased may have belonged, and any existing omissions of monuments or inscriptions, as aforesaid, are hereby directed and authorized to be supplied in like manner, and all laws upon the subject of monuments in the Congressional Gemetery are hereby repealed. Approved, May 23, 1876. A CHAP. 104.--An act to extend the time to pre—empt0rs on the public lands May 23, 1876. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United A»i¢,l>-54· _ States ofAmcMca in Colzgvcss assembled, That whenever any pre emptor P"8’» 1*1* 59» ’“’;‘- on public lands or Indian reservations shall make satisfactory proof, at _P"??" l’1“"}` the local land office, under rules and regulations to be prescribed by ;;’QQD§;dl;°`D‘”C9¥QQ},, the Secretary of the Interior, that the crops upon the lands occupied msgs_ by him have been destroyed by grasshoppers within two years prior to the passage of this act, the time within which such pre-emptor is required to make final proof and payment is hereby extended two years. Approved, May 23, 1876. CHAP. 105.-An act extending the time within which homestead entries upon cer- MW 23, 1876- tain lands in Michigan may be made. ’““""`;°" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 0 States of America, in Congress assembled, That section one of an act enti— iffé; gg? tiled "An act to amend an act entitled ‘An act for the restoration to " ` market of certain lands in Michigan,] approved June tenth, eighteen _ hundred and and seventy-two/’ approved March third, eighteen hundred gi? and seventy-five, be, and hereby is, amended so as to read as tbllowsz° " ` That the act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- two, entitled "An act for the restoration to market of certain lands in Michigau," be, and is hereby, amended so as to authorize the Secretary A1¤¢¤<l¢=<l· _ of tbevlllterior to cause patents to be issued to three hundred and twenty _ Patentsf<>r1unyls members of the Ottawas and Chippewas of Michigan for the selections ’“ *:‘°l’_‘§f¥‘ *8, found to have been made by them, but which were not, prior to the 1C];;;,p€\Q; passage of said act, regularly reported and recognized by the Secretary lneliaus. of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs; and the remainder Rexnainder mibof said lands not disposed of, and not valuable mainly for pine timber, JM to 1¤<>¤¤<*=S¤¤=¤·¤l- shall be subject to entry under the homestead laws. "““y· Approved, May 23, 187 6. ` CHAP. 106.——An act to further provide for the building of a. custom house, post office, May 23, 1376. c0urt—r0oms, and so forth, in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. *·‘—*‘·*·*"*·— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa,ti*ves.0f the United States of America in Ozmgress assembled, That the lot or parcel of ground . ({§§t°“{’}‘°,%S°]°t in the city of Memphis, in the State of Tennessee, granted and donated g:,c€;’,i;Ié_¤S’ °m]" by ordinance of the General Council of said city, under authority of an pos,} ,,_ gm act of the Legislature of said State of Tennessee, for a site upon which to erect a custom house, post oniice, bonded warehouse, and court-rooms, be and the same is hereby, accepted by the Government of the United _ _ States for the purpose aforesaid, on which shall be erected the building erglgyng to M authorized by the act entitled "An act authorizing and directing the ' Secretary of the Treasury to cause plans and estimates to be made and ,;g§> a suitable site provided for a public building at Memphis Tennessee," ‘ " )" approved February twenty-first, eighteen hundred and seventy three; and the Secretary of the Treasury shall employ the means necessary to secure the benefits to the United States of said donation: Provided, hmccvcr, That the title of the United States to said ground shall be made Title to be made good and sufficient: And providcd'_hu·t7zm·, That the cost of the building SMG- . so to be erected shall not exceed four hundred thousand dollars. ~ C"“·