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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 145, 146, 147. 1876. 61 · CHAP. 145.-—An act to change the nanéq of the steamship City of Brashear to Lone June 26, 1876. M. { Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- rlauie of steam- ` ury be, and is hereby, authorized to change the name of the steam- ¤l**P C**>j of B*‘=*· Ship City of Brashear, belonging to Charles Morgan, of New York, to ?1‘O‘;;fS'£E‘;”g°d 1“° Lone Star, and grant a new register for the same in accordance herewith. ` Approved, June 26, 1876. CHAP. 146.—A11 act to reduce the number and increase the efficiency of the Medical June 26, 1876. · Corps of the United States Army. ————····*···· · t ···‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States ofA·me·r·ica, in Uongress assembled, That the number of assistant m§‘:‘1‘;"2”0Qli““‘“*' surgeons now allowed by law shall be reduced to one hundred and q ` twenty-five; that the office of medical storekeeper is hereby abolished; M°d*°**l §**°°F<=· that from and after the passage of this act, in addition to the grades k°°p°" “b°h“h°d‘ now allowed by law, there shall be four surgeons with the rank, pay, and enioluments of colonels; eight surgeons with the rank, pay and Rank of certain cmoluments of lieutenant-colonels, to be promoted by senority from the ¤***`s<=<>¤¤· ‘ medical officers of the Army; that this act shall not be construed_ to deprive any medical officer or storckeeper now in office of his commission in the United States Army. Approved, June 26, 1876. CHAP. 147.—An act to further the adxninistration of justice in the State of Colo— June‘26, 1876. I' 0. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Oongress assembled, That when the State of Colorado LMS OY U¤**<}d shall be admitted into the Union, according to the provisions of the gfi;‘;;C{;*‘1’l‘°‘1 ‘“ — act entitled "An act to enable the people of Colorado to form a consti- ' tution and State government, and for the admission of said State into 1875, cn. 139. the Union on an equal footing with the original States/’ approved March 18 Sm-, 474- third, eighteen hundred and seventy-tive, the laws of the United States not locally inapplicable shall have the same force and effect within the said State as elsewhere within the United States; and said State shall constitute one judicial district, to be called the district of Uolorado; Judicial district and for said district a district judge and a marshal and a district attor- °“,‘3F’h*’}*:d·. 1 uey of the United States shall be appointed by the President, by and ,,,,,d1;g};h,j_“` g° with the advice and consent of the Senate, with the same rights, powers, and duties provided by law for similar officers in the other States, except as herein otherwise provided ; and said district of G010- rado shall be attached to, and constitute a part of, the eighth judicial District attached circuit; and a term of the circuit court and district court for said dis- *° ***31**** °***°***°- trict shall be held at Denver in said State on the iirst Tuesday of July Terms of courts. and the first Tuesday of December in each year. And one grand jury _ Grrand and petit ‘ and one petit jury only shall be su_mmoned and sewe in both of said 3*****8- courts. Sec. 2. That the circuit and district courts for the district of Colo- _Pcwers and jurado, and the judges thereof respectively, shall possess the same powers ¤¤d*¤¤i°¤°*°<>****>¤· and jurisdiction, and perform the same duties possessed and required to be performed by the other circuit and district courts and judges of the United States, and shall be governed by the same laws and regulations. Sec. 3. That the district judge appointed for the district of Colorado _ Swry of <*i¤¤ri¤¤ shall receive as his compensation the sum of three thousand five hun- ·l“dg°· dred dollars a year, payable in four equal installments on the first days of January, April, July, and October of each year.