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74 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 163. 1882. 15 Stat., 652. For pay of carpenter, miller, engineer, tarmer, and blacksmith, under tenth article of same treaty, three thousand three hundred dollars; 15 stm, 651_ For pay of second blacksmith, and iron and steel, as per eighth article of same treaty, two thousand dollars; For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to furnish · tlour and meat, and such articles as from time to time the condition and necessities of the Indians may require, fifty thousand dollars ;' in all, seventy-seven thousand dollars. Iowae. IOWAS. 10 3;..;,, 1011, h Fdrlzgitlergst, inb lieu of invcstnrentirgn ilfty-sffvgn thousand avg um dollars, a ance o one un an -seven ousan five hundred dollars, to July first, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, at five per centum per annum, for education or other beneiicial purposes, under the direction of the President, per ninth article of treaty of May seventeenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, two thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars. Kansas.. KANSAS. · 9 Shi-. 842- For interest in lieu of investment, on two hundred thousand dollars, at five per centum per annum, per second article of treaty of January fourteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, ten thousand dollars. Ki¢=k•v<¤>¤- KIGKAPOOS. · " 10 Stat., 1079. For interest on ninety-three thousand five hundred and eighty-one dollars and nine cents, at nve per centum per annumgfor educational and other beneficial purposes, per treaty of May eighteenth, eighteen hlppdreg gud fifty-four, four thousand six hundred and seventy-nine dolan ve cents · » For settlement, duport and civilization of Kickapoo Indians in the Indian Territory, lately removed from Mexico, including the purchase of stock, eight thousand dollars; in all, twelve thousand six hundred and seventy-nine dollars and five cents. _ “£:;¤¤¤¤ ·¤¤ namrns ann uonoos. . I6 Sm-. 706- For sixteenth of twenty installments, for keeping in repair- one saw- · mill, one founng·mill, buildings for the blacksmith, carpenter, wagon and plow maker, the manual-labor school, and hospital, as per fourth article of treaty of October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty- four, one thousand dollars; 16 Stat-. 709- Fonseventeenth of twenty installments, for the purchase of tools and material for saw and flour mills, carpenter, blacksmith, wagon and _ plow maker shops, and books and stationery for the manual-labor pehool, per same article of same treaty, one thousand five hundred dol-


Fdr seventeenth of twenty installments, to pay salary and subsistence of one physician, one miller, and two school-teachers, as per tlfth artipile of s:5me‘ét1l;eat(y·,etlh(reel thousand six hundred dollars; in all, six ousan o un dollars. ~ ¤i¤¤¤i¤¤ ¤f KM- mnrms or muses. Q!. 7 sg t,, 191, For permanent provision for blacks 'th a d assi t d ’ d ¤·» si-».. =·»-. mn for amp, per neu ma. or e3.???,- ..2$.°?'Lt.t“i.‘ 3i'.??;.. hundred and eighteen, and fourth article of treaty of June fifth eightggnclgubnadrtwjd and fifty-four, four hundred and eleven dollars and forty- " 8***-- *9*- For permanent provision for miller in lieu of 'th - {08g§£_ ticles and treaties, and per fifth artiele of `treagymdfu StL`;;?;- ’third, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, two hundred and sixty-two dollars and sixty-two cents; g