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998 CON VENTION-TASMANIA. JULY 5, 1882, Novmmmn 20, 1882. correction of any simple error which it may discover in the verification t' th Li ts. Irregnlarities. 0 When Sthe Lists shall show irregularities, which the receiving Exchange Office shall not be able to rectify, that office shall apply ior_an explanation to the dispatching Exchange Office, and such explanation shall be afforded without delay. _ _ Failure ,,;uSt,_ Should any List fail to be received in due course, the dispatching Erchange Office, on receiving information to that effect, shall transmit, without delay, a duplicate of the List, duly certined as such. Anrronn 8. Duplicate orders. Duplicate orders shall only be issued by the Postal Administration of the country on which the original orders were drawn, and in conformity ` with the regulations established, or to be established, in that country. Ancricnn 9. Payment or or- The orders issued by each country on the other, shall be subject, as red**¤· gards payment, to the regulations which govern the payment of inland orders of the country, on which they were drawn. · The paid orders shall remain in the possession of the country of pay- ment. Anrrcnn 10. A R9P¤y·¤<>¤¢ *0 Repayment of orders to remitters shall not be made until an authori- ’°’“‘““°”· zation for such repayment shall iirst have been obtained by the country · of issue from the country where such orders are payable, and the amounts of the repaid orders shall bc- duly credited to the former country in the quarterly account. (Article 12.) It is the province of each Postal Administration to determine the manner in which repayment to the remitters is to be made. · · Anrronn 11. Void orders. Orders which shall not have been paid within twelve calendar mon ths from the month of issue, shall become void, and the sums received shall accrue to, and he at the disposal of, the country of origin. Quzterlr •¤— The Tasmania Office shall, therefore, enter to the credit of the United °°'"' States, in the quarterly account, all money-orders entered in the Lists receiyied froimetahe Sgiges, which remain unpaid at the end of the peri spec c e . . Monthly state- On the other hand, the Post-Ohlce Department of the United States ggi °* wid °¤‘· shall, at the close of each month transmit to the Tasmania Office, for ‘ entry in the quarterly account, a detailed statement of all orders included · in the Lists dispatched from the latter ofllce, which, under this Article, become void. Anricm 12. · Accounts. At the close of each quarter an account shall he prepared at the General Post-Oiiice of Tasmania, showing, in detail, the totals of the Lists, containing the particulars of orders issued in either country during the quarter, and the balance resulting from such transactions. Three copies of this account shall be transmitted to the Post·0fllce Department of Payment or bel— the United States, at Washington, and the balance after proper veriil- ¤¤¢{¤- cation, shall, it due by the General Post-Odlce of '1'aemania, be paid to the General Post-Office at London, to the credit of the Post·Otlice Department of the United States, on account of the exchange of money- orders between the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; if due by the Post·OfIice Department of the United