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86 FORTY-SEVEN TH OONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 163. 1882. made tohim, at acost notexceedingone hundred and sixty-seven dollars Appmpriatiou. perannum for each child; audfor this purpose there is hereby appropriated the sum of seventeen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may Promo. be necessary: Pwvided, That not more than twenty of said pupils shall be educated in any one State. mumum or ni- And for the purpose of further instructing and civilizing Indian ehil. di¤¤chi1d;¤;nY¤¤i= dren dwelling west of the Mississippi River, and in the States of Min-

  • I§ *·h° ¥:“°"°*PP‘ nesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and not belonging to the ive civilized

Y"' ° ’ tribes in the Indian Territory, or somany thereof as may be practicable in industrial schools other than those at Carlisle, Hampton, and Forest Grove, supported in whole or in part from treaty and other funds appropriated by Congress, or such as may be established and supported wholly fiom treaty or other funds so appropriated and for purchasing stock for herding purposes for such industrial schools, and also for the placing of such- children, with the consent of their- parents, under the care and control of such suitable white families as may in all respects be qualified to give such children moral, industrial and educational training, for a term of not less than three years, under arrangements in which their proper support, and education shall bein exchange for their labor, the sum ot one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, to be expended under such rules and regulations A as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. _ Bree t i qu of For the erection of a school building on the Northern Cheyenne and

:t°hL::’l*g;€;f Arapahoe reservation, in the Indian Territory, to replace the one decmuuq stroyed by tire, five thousand dollars.

IESBHBDDBJR T°{¤*°!'Y· nm gggpure vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians, eight hundred 0 furchaseofsup- Telegmphing and making purchases of Indian supplies: To contract 1>i¤¤¤»¤*¤· for the Indian service, including all advertising for said service, at rates not exceeding regular commercial rates, inspection and all other expenses connected therewith, including telegmphing, itcrty thousand Pvcviao. d011am: Provided, That when it becomes necessary to detail clerks _ other employees of the Indian service outside of Washington- to Per die:n &y_m ussxst in the opening of bids, making contracts, and shipping goods, WT; d fw they may be allowed a per diem of not exceeding fum- dollars per day 'P°" “*Y· for hotel and 0th ses, which per diem shall be in lieu ot all cxgenses new autheby law, exclusive of railway tmnsportation and eeping car fare. Tyanisportqtion, Transportation of Indian supplies: For this amount, for necessary l"‘**“ "°PP**°•· expenses of transportation of such goods, provisions, and other articles, forghc vane? of gngians provided for by this act, two hundred an seven y- ve thousand ollars. Renova er Hes For the reinoval, with their consent, of the Mescalero Apache Indians •=$¥¤¤> 3p¤3•;h¤ _I¤· to the J1can1Iu resemjatiou, and for tlnesnpport, civilization, and iu- °”"m“Nati°nj°“‘“‘ struction of the Indians of said reservation, including pay of emplcyees, fifteen thousand dollars; and if said consent shall not be given, then ten thousand dollars of this sum may be expended for the support, eavnixzation, and instruction of said Indians at their present agencies, m equal pnopomons at each agency. '

 iprvcy of rem- For survey nf Qmhau reservations, under the direction of the Sccrc-

“ ‘°°°· tary of the Interior, five thousand dollars. cm Carvima T0 enalgle the of the Interior to pay counsel fees incurred °"'~ in defending suite new pending against the North Carolina Cherokees, one thousand doilars, sand mnount to be paid out of the funds in the

 Treasury belonging to the {said North Carolina Oherokees.

“;g¤m T0 pay the following clmments named in the letter of the Secretary mm md Mmmm of the Interior of lfebruery eighth, eighteen hundred and eightytwv, W, 3;,,-,,,,, h,. bem g Senate executive document numbered one hundred, Forty-seventh mum, to- Congfess, first session, fer damages sufered from the raid of the Northeyn Lheyenne indians nn September, eighteen hundred and seventyg eight, to be paid imm the unexpended balances of treaty funds be-