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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. C11. 231. 1882._ 107 CHAP. 231.-An act for the government and control of the harbor of refuge at Sand Juno 19, 1882. Beach, Lake Huron, Michigan. ————-—·-——— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the pas- H¤¤'b°1' °f NF sage of this act, and until the completion of the work of construction “g§And B M ch the Secretary of War is directed to assume full control over the harbor Lak,,;;",,,, Mic]; of refuge on Lake Huron at Sand 'Beach, Michigan, now in course of Secmtarybfwar construction by the United States Government, and of the piers, break- *0 ha", ml °°¤· waters, docks, wharves, buildings, and other improvements made by :,T‘T0;’f'"p1°' the United States appertaining to said harbor of refuge, and to iacili- ` tate the use thereof, including the channels of and approaches to said harbor of reiuge, so tar as may be necessary to the protection and use ‘ ` of said harbor and the improvements aforesaid; and said Secretary of Regulations for War, for the purpose aforesaid, and for the preservation of said harbor 1>¤¤¤¤¤’¤§i°¤ 0f in the interests of commerce, shall prescribe such regulations not in- mgm “"P'°'°' _consistent with the laws of the United States respecting the use of said harbor and its channels, and the approaches thereto, and respect ing the use of the piers, breakwaters, docks, wharves, buildings, and other improvements of said harbor, made by the United States, as he shall deem needful to fully protect and preserve the said harbor and its several channels and approaches, and thesaid piers, breakwaters, docks, wbarves, buildings, and other improvements. Such regulations shall be promulgated by publication thereof for ten days consecutively iu one daily newspaper published in each of the cities of Detroit, Port Huron, Bndalo, Cleveland, and Chicago, and said regulations may be changed in like manner from time totime. He shall also cause four copies of such regulations to be kept posted in conspicuous places on said piers and breakwaters. ‘ Sec. 2. That the Secretary of War shall appoint, upon the reeom~ C¤¤¢¤dl¤¤ W N mendation of the engineer oilieer in charge of the work, a custodian of “!’P°i“*°°· ` said harbor and the improvements aforesaid, whose m it shall be to Duties. preserve and protect the same under the regulations e as aforesaid by the Secretary of War, and to entbrea the observance of said regulations and to guard and preserve the property of the United States at said harbor of refuge. Said custodian shall also have power to direct and regulate the stationiug and anchoring of steam vessels and watercraft in said harbor, and the mooring thereof at the piers, breakwaters, docks, and wharves of said_ harbor, and the laying out and discharging of cargoes and ballast in said harbor, piers, breakwaters and docks; and it shall be the duty of said custodian to report to the United States District Attorney for the eastern- district of Michigan all violations of this act, and of the said regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War; _ and said custodian shall receive such compensation, not exceeding one 0¤¤1>¤¤¤M·¤¤¤- hundred and fifty dollars per month, as the Secretary of War may · allow. SEO. 3. That it shall be the duty of all persons using or navigatingsaid Penalties for vicharbor, its channels and approaches, or using any of the piers, break- °*` "°¥'"*‘ waters, docks, wharves, or other improvements made by the United States, to observe the regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War as aioresaid; and any person who shall willfully or negligently strand or sink any steam -vrssel, boat, or craft in said harbor, or in the channelsor approaches, or who shall willfully obstruct or oppose the custodian of said harbor in the enforeementof the regulations aforesaid, or who shall willfully or negligently, or by failure or neglect to observe the regulat ions prescribed by the Secretary of War for thenso thereof, obstruct or impair said harbor, or cause any ent, injury, hlling noyalor shoaling therein, or shall deposit any ashes, stone, ballast, or er substances in said harbor, channels or approaches tending to obstruct or impair the navigation thereof, or who shall willfully damage or injure the piers, break-waters, whurves, doeksigr other improvements of and harbor made by the United States, or w shall fail to obey and observe