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122 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 254. 1882. Metallic amm¤· For manufacture of metallic ammunition for small-arms, one hundred ¤¤=*¤¤ f¤¤ ¤¤¤·¤· thousand (mum. ITD!. Target practice- For ammunition, tool , and material for target practice, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Preservation of For overhauling, cleaning, and preserving new ordnance stores cu °"h’°”°° “*°"°’· hand at the arsenalsé twenty thousand dollars. Removal of the For mounting an dismounting guns and removing the armament

  • ¤*¤'¤°¤*¤ f' ° m from forts being modilied or repaired, including heavy carnages returned

°"°* °°°‘ to arsenals for alteration and repairs, and other necessary expenses of the same character, and for repairing ordnance stores in the hands of troops and for issue at the arsenals and depots, and for extra-duty pay for enlisted men detailed for ordnance service, thirty thousand dollars. Purchase and For purchase and manufacture of ordnance stores, to fill requisitions

_‘f¤¤f¤°*:t*;t•;l°f of troops, one hundred and lifteen thousand dollars.

Equipments. For inmntry, cavalry, and artillery equipments, consisting of clothingbags, huversacks, canteens, and greatcoat straps, and repairing horse equipments for cavalry troops, seventy-five thousand dollars. _ For horse equipments for cavalry, harness for held, and machine guns, and for cavalry forge-carts, thirty thousand dollars. Powaer usps; For powder depot: For grading grounds, erecting magazines, and erecting msgs- other necessary buildings, and all expenses incident thereto, seventy-- '*';'é“t 7s_ five thousand dollars. And the act entitled “An act making appropriach_ Sggmomd tions for acquiring sites and the erection of suitable posts for the protection of the Rio Grande frontier " approved April sixteenth, eighteen A hundred and eighty, be amended by striking out the words “ on or near the Bio Grande irontier as may be deemed necessary by the Secretary of War for the adequate protection thereof: Provided, That none of said appropriation shall be used for the purposes aforesaid until a valid title to said sites be vested in the United States," and inserting in lieu thereof the words “in the State of Texas as may be deemed necessary Protection er by the Secretary of War for the adequate protection of the Bio Grande Fw G¤¤*° *°¤*· frontier; but no part of this appropriation shall be expended until the ‘°"‘ _ provisionsof sectiouthree hundred and fifty-five of the Revised Statutes have been fully compiled with! s umufmm of For manufacture of arms at national armories, four hundred thouarms. sand dollars: Provided, That not more than fifty thousand dollars of this P*¤¤*•¤- amount may be expended by the Secretary of War, in_the manufacture orpurchaseofmagazine guns,to be selected by the board ofofficers heretofore appointed by the Secretary ofWar. rum; mmm llmrnn uns Tnscrmc Mscmnn.-For caring for, preserving, using, and operating the United States testing machine at the Watertown Pmsm. arsenal, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That the tests of iron and steel, and other materials ibn- industrial purposes, shall be continued during the next iiscal year, and report thereof shall be made to Congress: And provided further, That in making tests for private citizens the officer in charge may require payment in advance, and may use the funds so received in making such private tests, making full repcrt thereof to the Chief of Ordnance; and the Chief of Ordnance shall give attention_to such programme of tests as may be submitted by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the record of such tests shall befurnished said society to be by them published at their own expense. Disbursement or SBU. 2. That officers,_ agents, or other persons receiving public · msnvas 30 {ob: uc- moneys appropriated by this act shall account for the disbursement

to mm“:2   according to the several and distinct items of appropriation

appropriation as cmm exp BXVIDDINL Rqcmiuwhuvs Sec. 3. That traders and lanndrymen at depot: for recruits in the

  • ¤gt¤
    :·°;_::_·d> Armybe, and hereby are, authorized to furnish such recruits, on credit,

with laundry work and such articles as may be necessary for their cleanliness and comfort, at a total cost not to exceed seven dollars in value per man. That muster and pay rolls be made out showing the