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136 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 263. 1882, three hundred thousand dollars; in a11,four· hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars. And the accounting ofllcers of the Treasury are an- Commissioners thorized to credit the Commissioners of the District with the amounts <>f District °!`_C<* expended for the replacement of wooden pavements under contracts L‘;;'£f‘ Q: "°mg'm‘·'°m" duly reported to Congress in the reportsof the Commissioners for me ,w,m,t,_ year ending June thirtieth eighteen hundred and seventy-nine except in so far as said amounts embrace expenditures which were chargeable to streetrmilway companies. F o u r the e n mh For widening, grading, and improving Fourteenth street extended, as §**°°* °"°°d°d· proposed, provided the owners of property adjacent to said street bene- ““P'°'°"'°”°°" ilted thereby will donate the land necessary in widen the street, six thousand dollars. Bring.; For ordinary care of B€DI1l]1g’S, Anacostia, and Chain Bridges, two thousand dollars; and for constructing bridge over James Creek Canal at M street south, and for repairing and maintaining bridges under the control of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, ben thousand seven hundred dollars. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. .

Wushin g s on   ger engineering, maintenance, and general repairs, twenty thousand

noduot. o 31-3, ‘ FOB MAINTAINING INSTITUTIONS OF CHARITY, REFORMA- ` TORIES, AND PKISONS. Washington For Waslnington Asylum: For one commissioner and intendant, one Asylum. thousand two hundred dollars; one matron six hundred dollars; one visiting physician, one thousand two hundred dollars; one resident physician tour hundred and eighty dollars; 0D0 engineer, six hundred dollars; one assistant engineer, three hundred dollars; one overseer, eight hundred dollars; one clerk, four hundred and eighty dollars; one baker, four hundred and twenty dollars; live overseers at six hundred ‘ dollars each; one watchman three hundred dollars; thrm watchman, at two hundred and forty dollars each; one blacksmith; one hundred and twenty dollars; one hostler, sixty dollars ; one cook, one hundred and twenty dollars; two cooks at sixty dollars each ; five nurses, at sixty dollars each; and goxéfontingexnt egpenses, ixzolnding improvements, repairs, pmv1 forage um r shoes, othin hardware, ry- goods, medicincs, and itenas, thirty-five &ousand dollars; in all, forty-five thousand nine hundred and forty dollars. work-house. For the completion of the new work-house, at the Washington Asy- lum, including plnsteriug of the interior walls, not heretofore contemplated, one thousand dollars. Georg¤»ow¤· For the Georgetown Almnhonsez For the support of inmates, one Al¤¤¤l¤¤¤¤¤· thousand eight lumdred dollars. Indigent insnne For support of the indigent insane of the District of Columbia in tho ¤f the Pkirict vf Government Hospital for the Insane in said District, as provided ill °°*‘"”°"‘· sections fortyeighb hundred and forty-four and forty-eight; hundred and gf? of the of the revised statutes, forty-three thousand two hundred 0 ars. 'rmmpmnion For transportation of paupers and conveying prisoners to the workvimntzwn wd house, three thousand dollars. P Reform School. For Reform School: For one superintendent, one thousand five hundred dollars; assistant superintendent, one thousand dollars; fomteecl1ers_t1u·ee thousand dollars; mntrou of school, six hundred dollars; two matzrons of family, three hundred and sixty dollars; fsnrmer, tive hundred and forty dollars; superintendent of chair-shop four hundred and eighty dollurr shoemnker, three hundred and sixty dollars; baker, three hundred dollars; engineer, three hundred dollars; tailor. three hundred dollars; seamstress, one hundred and forty-fom- dollars; diningroom servant, one hunched and fbrtydonr dollars; olmmbermnid, one