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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 267. 1882. 141 call-boxes, fire-alarm boxes, switclrbcards, armunciators, lightningarresters, push-buttons, making new connections and repairs, three thousand dollars; rent of telephones, seven hundred dollars; in all, seventeen thousand dollars. comms. For the police court: For one judge, three thousand dollars; one Police court. clerk, Wo thousand dollars; one deputy clerk, one thousand dollars · two bmhtib at three dollars per day each; one mcsscngcryuinc hundred dollars; one doorkecpcr, five hundred and forty dollars; United States mm·sba1’s fees, two thousand dollars; contingent expenses, including compensation of a justice of the peace acting as judge of the police court during the absence of said judge, not exceeding three hundred dollars, books, stationery, fuel, icc, gas, witncssfccs, and miscellaneous items, one thousand six hundred dollars; in all, twelve thousand nine hundred / _ and eighteen dollars. v For judicial expenses, two thousand five hundred dollars J udi vial ¤¤- PUBLIC SCHOOLS, DISTBIGT OF COLUMBIA. For salaries of supcriutcudcrlts, teachers, and jauitors, secretary of Public uhm};. the board, and clerks, including additional teachers and increase of $¤1>¤ri¤¢¤¤d- t0ach0rs’ pay by continuous service, rents, repairs fuel, furniture, books, :'£“· "°“°1‘°”· '““‘* stationery, and miscellaneous items, four hundred and twenty-six thou- m' sand eight hundred and twenty-five dollars, namely: For 00`icers: For one superintendent at two thousand seven hundred dollars; ems supmiutmdcut at two thousand two hundred and tifmy d011am; UDB secretary, at one hundred and fifty dollars; one clerk to committee on accounts, at three hundred dollars; one clerk to superintendent at eight hundred dollars; one clerk, at eight hundred dollars, in all, seven thousand dollars. For teachers : For five hundred and five teachers, to be employed at the rate of compensation provided by the present schedule of salaries, and at an average salary not to exceed six hundred and sixty-five dollars, three hundred and thirty-tive thousand eight hundred and twenty- five dollars. For `smitors and care of the several school-buildings: For care of the Janitors. High échool building, one thousand four hundred dollars; for care of the Jefferson building, one thousand two hundred dollars; for cam of the Fmnklinbuilding, one thousand one hundred dollars; for cam of the Force, Seaton, Henry, Tenth and H streets, First street and Massachusetts avenue, Peabody, Wallach, Tenth and U streets and Sumner buildings, at nina hundred dollars each; for care of the Lincoln, Miner, and Stevens buildings, gt eight lumdmd dollars each; for cure of the' Biggs, John F. Cook, Randall, and Abbot buildings, at seven hundred dollars each- for care of the Curtis building, six hundred dollars; for can of the éranch building, five hundred dollars; for one janitor and messenger to the board, and the superintendent of the first six divisions, three hundred dollars; for one janitor and messenger to the superintendent of the seventh division, two hundred dollars; for cam of smaller buildings and muted rooms, at a mts not to exceed forty-eight dollars per annum for the cam of each school mom, six thousand four hundred . dollars; in all, twentyiivo thousand dollars: Provided, That the jauitors I "°’°°* cf the principal school buildings, in addition to their other duties shall do all minor repairs to buildings and furniture, glazing, Hxing seats and desks, and take cam of the heating apparatus, and shall be selected with reference in their qualifications to perform this work. mt md . Fw mnt of school buildings, fourteen thousand dollars; for fuel, &f· gwnmnumw {cen thoéxgund dollars; repairs to buildings, iifmcu thmmapd dol Straw orcamtiugcntaxpcnacs, 'ug bm’c,b00k8y_ a all, g&y·nim tlmuwnd dollars 3 · ,