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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. L C11. 263. 1882. 143 provided for, three thousand dollars; in all, twelve thousand one hundred dollars. HEALTH DEPARTMENT. For one health oiilcer, three thousand dollars ; six sanitary inspectors, Health officer, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; two food inspectors, at one i¤°P°°*°*¤» md thousand two hundred dollars each; one inspector of marine products, °°h°'“‘ one thousand dollars; for clerk? seven thousand dollars; one messenger, five hundred and forty dollars; one poundmaster, one thousand two hundred dollars; laborers, at not exceeding thirty dollars per month, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; and for contingent expenses, including books, stationery, fuel, rent, repairs to pound, and wagon and horse for poundmaster, forage, meat for do disinfectants, horseshoeing, and miscellaneous items, three thousagnld eight hundred dollars; removal of garbage,_il¤:een thousand dollars; in all, forty-two thousand ilve hundred and eighty dollars. To pay judgments against the District of Columbia, twenty-five J _¤ dem c n ts thousand dollars, to be immediately available. Cgfsmfffj For the payment of damages_to lots fourteen to twenty-six, both in- P¤y¤¤¤¤t f¤r elusive, in block nine of the otheial subdivision of Rosedale and Isher- wi:;';: wood, as recorded in liber Gov. A. B. S., page thirteen, by placing ,;-;,,},,,,,1},., m,,,, thereon the boundary interceptingsewer, one thousand dollars, said cepting-sewer. sum to be paid only upon the execution of a proper deed conveying a perpetual right of way to the District of Columbia for the ground or right occupied by the said boundary sewer ·


For interest and sinking-fund on the funded debt, exclusive of water- Frmded debt- - bonds, one million two hundred and thirteen thousand nine hundred .I‘!*°'¤°°,* *“* and forty-seven dollars and ninety-seven cents. unhu For eneral contingent expenses of the Districtof Columbia, to be Gum continexpeneiad only in case of emergency, such as riot, pestilence, calamity B°““ °*P°“°* _ byiloodorilrqandoflikeeharactanoto therwisesunlcientlypro- i vided for, ten thousand dollars. ’ —

t in the purchase of all articles provided for in this bill Pm-iso.

no more t the market price shall be paid for any such article, and N°, ¤¤¤}'¤ 3**,: all bids forany of such articles above the market price shall here- -,1 me _ {Ste., Te. “? WATER DEPARTMENT. Sec. 2. That hereafter the operations of the water department of the Wam d°P¤‘*· District of Columbia shall be under the direction of the engineer’s office pagrantchnva of the District, subject tobthe control gdthtc Commissionlers; and the gumtgcu .,5 wm; following' sums are here y appropria carry on suc opera ’ous, epartment, su to be paid wholly from the revenues of the water department of the mi *?°¤‘*°* °f District unless otherwise noted: For one chief clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk, Superintendent, one thousand four hundred dollars; two clerks at one thousand two °‘”*'»*’*°“'“"· hundred dollars each; one clerk nine hundred dollars; one supermtendent, one thousand six hundred dollars; one messenger, six hundred dollars; one inspector at three dollars per day, nine hundred and thirty- nine dollars; contingent expcnses, including books, stationery, forage, Oontiugout u. . advertising, printing, and miscellaneous items, two thousand four hun- p¤¤•¤•· dred dollars; engineers and Bremen, coal, material, and for high service in Washington and Georgetown, pipe·distn'hution to high and low service, including public hydrants, Lueplugs, replacing the_mne·inch with tendnch ilreplugs, material and labor, and anim, '}$}'WQX’l1lg;D8·lDI, ortyninethousandilve undone audfifty 1,,,,,,,;,,,,,, of ~ cents; layingtwelve·i1whwater·main¤,1!i¥hP¤°P¤?*"Pl”g¤d¤9¤- CovernmeutPrint· ¤¤¤thu•,hrth•pr¤p•r;uc¤eti¤¤e£tinu¤.£t¤ven$¢1”*riuu¤g0¤cc,mgom¤a