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[78 - -FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 356, 357. 1882. township tivo, mugs sktccn, for mill-site purposes; tho sonth hgxlil of suction thirty-three, township four, range seventeen, reserved for m1ssion purposes: lots Evo, six, and seven, section three, township tive, mngo seventeen, and lot six, section ilftoen, township five, range seventeen, p,.,,.;,,_ reserved for agency purposes: Provided, That no tmct shall be sold for loss than the appraised value thereof; and in no case for less than six dollars por acm. Disposition of Sec. 2. That the not proceeds of the sale of said lands, after deductl¤'°°°°*¤ °* ¤•l¤· ing therefrom the expense incident to said uppmiscmont and sale, shall

 · be deposited in the United States Treasury to the credit of the Kicko-

. poo tribc‘of Indians, and shall bear interest at tho rats of four por centum por gmuum; and the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to expend the mtorest annually accumulating thereon, and all or any part of the principal fund, at such time and in such manner as ho may deem l‘M*•· for the best interests ofssnid Indians: Provided, That if tho Secretary of the Interior shall direct tho payment of said principal sum in installmanga, tho unpaid portion thereof shall continue to draw interest until P¤*¤¤*·¤ W be i¤· Sec. 3. That the Secretary of tho Interior shall cause stents in foo- '“'“°P““""“· simple to be issued to the purchasers of the lands sold Ender the provis;<LnsQ•:£ his act in tlgo samo manner as patents am issued for tho pu o · Approved, July 28, 1882. ' ~— Ju; 59, CHAP.357.—Ansctrolatiu to1andsinColo ola l oc un ..' m .%.1 wm mW5G`?; ;¤”°.¤..’.,¤,° "‘°" """‘°" °°""""‘”° Bcitev•actedbytM8mabandHo¤» of Bqpr¢m•tativesoftlc United Lund in com- Btaueoflluueaioain Ompmmmbbd, That all of that rticnof tho gg :;"°g_°°§:: Ute Indian Bosoyvation in the State of Colorado lately ognpim by the 1,. nd Uncompabgro and White River Utes bc, zind tho same is hereby, do-

   m, clarod to be public land of tho United States, and subject to disposal
I¤du»¤: doomed from and after the passage of this act, in accordance with tho provis-

P‘*g§““"'§&“ was and under the restrictions and limitations of section three of tho ‘ act of Congress approved June fifteenth, eighteen hundred and oightv,

 chapter two lnmdrod and tweutrthree, except as hereinafter provided,

unda- to be proscribed by the Secretary of the Interior in

   mgc pmviggmgtghh awt.
 · - V   0 c Interior shall at the earliest mc- `

fix "• •*•l•· day, establish the line between tho land mentigmod m section ono of tlus act and that now or lately occupied by the Southlwrqwistim- Gm Utes in said Stats; and for that purpose there is hereby appropri. stpd, out of nuy money in the Treasury of tho United States uotothar-

   Wl? gpgmmfk thoésnm otkgvo hundred dollars.

' ‘¤•, E ·· cnso cmants 1- ‘ gl::°¥kt:i¤¥:i, ¢: under any law of tlxe U1??od State? b§r(:1ul;$12n{liIl€odl(;>1l;%1?s(£.1(ls?uI;>I<2:n1(;{ my wm m·d. stun of ogtonding northerly an southerly, not exceeding ton miles ,,,P,,¤,,;,_ 111 Width, Within that part ¤f the Ute Indian Reservation in the Smto of Colorado lately occupied by the Uuoompahgro and White River Ute

 and bounded on tho cast by tho one lmndmd and seventh mg.

3:;% of longrtudo wont from Greenwich, slmll lcgnlly date from tho

   cy were rospootnvoly mods- and the ngbts of said persons shall

be gn all {sweets the sums as of tlm lands had been legally sulfect to Prwfvvs. thoxr claims when the same were initiated: Provided however lbat if homestead pntries have been made on said strip, tho’lands so’cntorod shall be pmd for m wash, after proof which would be satisfactory under Sic proonlpuon laws: And provided further, That none of said lands gall be dxsposod of for any considomtion other than cash nu- for a less pnoo than one dollar and twenty-tivo cents per scm. ’ Approved, July 28, 1882.