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2].4 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 376. 1882. August}, l£. CHAP. 376.-Au act to regulate Immigration. U Bo it enacted by thé Senate and House of Represcntatirca nf the L’uiI¢·d !¤¤¤¤igr¤¢i¤p- States of America in Oemgress assembled, That there slmll bu lcviuel, unlc 34;*:; lecgea}, and paid sn dpcy of fifty cents for each mul every passenger- nut pawn- , as cmzcn of the United States wl1o_shp.ll come stcmn ur sm} vessel gggrgoa a ¤iz§»:; from a forexgu port to any port withm the United Stntcs. The said §f;a:;<>&;T; ; *1; S duty shall be paid to the collector of customs of the port to which such .‘ ‘ passer: shall come or if there be no collector ut such port thou to Tomtgbb ,t the mmr of custxgms nearest thereto, by the master, ownoi, agent, pvrtoflanding. orconsignco of every such vessel within twenty-fom· hours uftur the 7 hid i¤$°'i'¤••· entry thereof into such port. The money thus collected shall be paid “‘TY “ *2, b° into the United States Treasury, and slmll constitute n fund to be culled lmnvrnasthn in- . . ,,,*5,,,; fund-, tha nmmngrant fund, and shall be used, under the direction of the Suurctary of t.ho Treasury, to defray the expense of regulating iuunigmtiuu under tlus act, am} for the care of immigrants arriving in the United States, for the rehcf of such as um m dxstress, and for the general Dutytobanliam, purposes ang} expenses of carrying this act into eifem. The duty im- °“` L’.‘I§§","’ ‘“;;;'§°?2\2§ €{.‘“‘{;“%2.{'§1" 1"‘°“ ‘H° ¥I$Tf"d§ "'i‘i£L""‘?' QBSB c m a es, an s . n e u in nvnr of the United States against the owner or owners of such vessels; and the payment of such duty may be enforced by any legal or cquntablu Proriao. ‘ remedy. ;Pr0v•ded, Thqt no greater sum shall be expended for the pm-- poses hnmmbcfom mentmned, nt any port, than shall have been collected at such pcxgha seennry of 810.2.- t the Secretary of the Treasury is hcrcb h. r l 'th

¤!f•¤;_F§.;<} the duty of executing thp ])1’9ViSi0DS_0f this act: and wgtli s‘;1;§<51fx·;3»n

www Pmvmm over the busmess of xmmngrntxon tg the United States, and for that pm-- ¤: —.::_ pqsqho shall bavo power to cutcrt;1t0‘ contracts with such State ecom- _ ¤ eu- mmswn, board, or 0as may designated for that purpose by the "’°** "*°h $¤*• governor of any State to take charge of the local aiihirs of immi b,,,,,;, _ . _ _ _ _ gmuun °t° :,1; zg grntbxr: ssagugaatca, age} to provxdcfigni the; sugrportzunl rcliuf _ _ gran s am m as mn` t 1- public md, under the rules and n§gnlatiou{; to bl: gmszrqgcsil (l;;';::?:} Secretary; and it shall be the duty of such State commission bom-el

 4101* QQOBIS so designated to examine into the condition of pnszscugursz

wmum amving at the ports within such Stage in any ship or vessel, mul for u**·* l¤¤'D0¤¤ all or any of such commugswuers or odiccrs, or such other mmxmmnx shagh2:l;;;(»g‘1¤:£;»H bolqgthorizeel to go on . . . ‘ · am 1 0 ·l ‘ ; - m0¤¤¤¤¢,°·, M 1::.*;:,. shall be found among such passengers any iw! hamigmiing. °t* ?°*°Y P”P°¤ nmblc W ***0 66115 of himsclf or herself without; b°°°"“¤§ ¤ public cb they shall report the same in writing to the » _ cnllcctur Mm gust an sucltdygscirlaie shall not be permitted to land. . . ¢ S . - °*°· ulatxpus and rules and issnortYmm titans tcqisxnrg s:¢é:1li.:?£lr$12:;:>riE(;1l:>;";§ cunpmtent with law us he shall deem best calculated to rotcct tl - United States and immigrants into the United States fromp fr d N; lqss, and for carrying ounthe provisions of this act and the ixni ag; Es; :3;*; $15 gggngted Stzttcs uml lac shall prescribe all forms of bogdg, »_ npers o usc: d a nn P · · me Vm_muS'pwviSi0I·s of this ML un cr n el nn thee forccmcut eff

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1 ¥|·* ‘ I 0 W I I “_,,,__ bck{n;.: {gx3d' from whence they cmne. _'@‘h¤ Sccmmry of the 'lggeusnisyi 8‘1:·:?¤::L,:l gg mv"; ¢gm.'r:·l;•;itl;0bF;f=;'§$vb•(:a;¤‘§l;:f l!l|3!l'lfl€§ of may State in which such g,,, ·; _ __ * _ F5 couunussouu in 1 Sr: . * , ·

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