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224 FOBTY-SE VENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 389. 1882. PUBLIC Pnrwrmc. Pvxblic Prinwr For compensation of the Public Priubcr, thrco thousand six huudl-od °m°f °l°’k· °“’· dollars; for chief clerk, two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four ; one clerk of class ono; in all, fourteen thousand dollars. cougmgms ox- For contingent expenses of his officc, namely: For stxzntnonory, postv¤¤¤¤· ago, advertising, traveling expenses, horses uml wagons, und uusccllnncous items, two thousand tivo hundred dollars. · LIBRARY or coucmmss.

 •¤d For compensation of the Libmriun, four thousand dollars; and {br

""*“*’· twenty throes assistant Iibrumimns, two at two thousand live lnuudrml dollars ouch, two at ouc thousand eight hundred dollars each, two at ono thousand six hundred dollars each, two at one thousand four hundred and fortydollars each, seven at one thousand four hundred dollars each, ilvo ut one thousand two hundred dollars each, one at uiuc hundroel and sixty dollars, one at seven hundred and twenty dollars, and one at four hundred and eighty dollars; in aD, thirty six thousand six

  • hundred and forty dollars.

P ¤ M h ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤_f For purchase of books for the Library, tivo thousand dollars; for pm- L‘:"'»‘;’S Q; clmsc of law-books for tho Library, two thousand dollars; for purchase, ,,,4,;,,; C,,,,,; by the Libmrimn of Congress, of new books of reference for the Supreme ` Court, to be apart of the Library of Congress, and purchased under the direction of tho Obiof Justice, two thousand five hundred dollars; for expenses of exchanging public documents for tho publications of foreign governments, one thousand dollars; for purchase of files of periodicals and newspapers, two thousand iivo hundred dollars; in all, thirteen thousand dollars.

J3o¤ti·ngout ox- For contingent expenses of said Library, one thousand dollars.

Copyright. For cxpeqcs of the copyright busiucs , Evo hundred dollars. . Bouniouudm. For Botamc Garden: For superintendent, one thousand eight hunelged dollars; for assistants and laborers, under tho direction of tho Library Committee of Congress, uiuc thousand nine hundred dollars; m all, eleven yhousand seven hundred dollars. For nmproying the garden, procuring manure, tools, fuel, and repairs, and pqrclnasing meas and shrubs, under tho direction of the Library - _ Comnmttoc of Congress, five thousand dollars. Excoutivo.— EXECUTIVE.

£¢¤p•¤•u¤¤t  § or compensation   the President of the United States, ilfby thou-

Vi¤•-Pnnuxws. ;;'or of tho Vice-President of the United States, eight Oman in any or oompcnsatiouto thefollowing iuthooilloo of the President fth 32:*** *h¤P¤¤¤— United States: Private Secretary, three thousand two lnundrcel) ang

 dzrllgggggsgsmznf seacmtzzy, tmc: thoussng mo hundred and fifty dol-

· veoersa wo ousau o rscaclrsto graph one lhousmxd orght buudrod dollars; one clerk of class four; Too clef:-o of claws throng; two clerks of class two, ono of whom shall be a telegraph operator; one clerk of class ono; steward, at one thousand eight hundred dollars; ono day-usher at one thousand four hundred dollars- ono day-usher at ono thousand two hundred dollars;` ilvc messengers gt ono thousand two hundred dollars each; two doorkcopers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one night-usher, one thousand two hundred g3llgrs; oue wotobro m, gina hundred dollars; and one Eroman, eight

 rc: an su ·o ·iu i —si san-
   four dollars. y ur 0 ’ au, th ny x umu d and mt!

on nt ex- For cout-ingont expenses of tho Ex ti Om 'n lus ·‘ ¤P°"'*'“°n:? E¤°°¤· ery therefor, as well as mcord·bo0ks, sgloggsfms lglcolzs llbxflllogo tug];

 celloneous items, and fumitnro and carpets for oiloos, cam o¥,oHi•:o

carnage, horses, and hamuss, enght. thousand dollars.