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228 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 389. 1882. eight chiefs of division, at two thousand dollars each; fifteen clerks of class four, and additional to one clerk as disbursin g clerk, two hundred dollars; sixty-three clerks of class three; seventy lbur clerks of class two; fifty six clerks of class one; thirtytwo clerks at one thousand dollars each; twenty three female assorters of money-orders, at nine hundred dollars each; three assistant messengers; twenty laborers; and ten charwomen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, three _ hundred and ninety two thousand five hundred and ten dollars. uavwmwent ¤f To provide temporary force to dispose of accumulated money-orders; P°"“Y °l°‘*'· Three clerks of class one; three clerks at one thousand dollars each; _ · and four clerks at mne hundred dollars each; in all, ten thousand two mwu :5 papers, hundred dollars. And the Secretary of the Treasuryis hereby author- ' ¤ izgd éohsell as waste] paper, or otherwise dispose of, the tiles of papers ‘ w ic ave accumu at , or may hereafter accumulate, in the Office of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Oilice Department that are not needed in the transaction of current business and have no permaneut_oilicial or historical value; and the proceeds of said sales he shall pay into the Treasury, and make report thereof to Congress. Treasurer, assist- hznasunnn.-For the Treasurer of the United States, six thousand gugmvurqr, dollars thousaneljsinhnmdured dollars; cashier, my . G I -usans _ oars·ass1sanms`ert th ,,1,:.;,:* gg mk two hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand five liunlfrged dhlllgxllsq tive chiefs of division, at two thousand five hundred dollars each; ond principal bookkeeper, at two thousand five hundred dollars; one assistisnt lailokkeeper at two thousand four hundred dollars; two tellers, at o ousand five hundred dollars each; two assistant tellers, at two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each; twenty-six clerks of class ?)¥;1';c;;\;e1:‘t:e)rll8clte¤rk£sSc;t;l(class tlllree; liftelnllclerks of class two; one our undred - , . of clalss oiie; five clerks at one thousand dolla1?sr:achv;Ti,<§hi:lyr:le:lg.];t xm t dollars each; six messengers; six assistant messengers; I en y six laborers; and seven laborers at two hundred and forty dol- _ muh H1; in all, two hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars; °f$“P°”¤dm°P‘hn *3 im °¤‘ 6g0FoB employed m redeeming the national currency (to be remmm, cumw l>¤1‘S€¢l y the national banks), namely: For superintendent three 6;,,,h, an · thousand five hundred dollars- one principal t ll z` ‘ · bmkk , c er and one principal ccper, at two thousand five hundred dollars each · one assistant tebwkkuér zper, two thousand four hundred dollars; and, one assistant bssy two thousand dollars; tnvo clerks of class four; three clerks of glcrkgbreoat (nanfa? clerksdog class t:o;t:wenty clerks of class one; ten udp _ m dollars _; n clerks at mne hundred dollars ’ hu d ¤¤¤0¤801‘S, IH RH, seventy-two thousand seven Register of the REG·IB'1'EB. OF THE thEASITB i ‘ - T1'"! an • ugaé,] . Y'“For th R83i8i of gagury *· mt, sighs, :;*5 iztg 2;,; d0u%£?H;;2£¤€:gli;¤;_ register, five thorig-and ‘tlw)oTl1iund;red ° eighteen clerks df class four ondvgtionli a uhgllhousgud dollars each. dollars additional for services as di bw qm 8 mcum two undred in Such amount as me Sccmmry Ofsuurslng clerk, and shall give bond eliteeu clerks of class three; nf teen clerlxs egizcslgg tlsrgy lgvightultldiilfsvf hl.? i’.1‘§&.S?1¥’d‘.?§§'§§ 3§d’J?°0"$°.‘.'$Z?2é' °°""i“ °"°"i ,““°*‘ °‘);*"*°°*‘· §° um, www bbc . _ ,n n nger· ye assistant messengers Ccmlmiolm of bugggegiud mfsigaulllrloll o c hundred and eighty-eight thousand ood ()r the current,,,,;,,,, mw nm th OF THE blJB1mNoY.—I•‘or Comptroller of the Curue , clark', nd , ousand dollars deput - {KL! hung}, d0,lu_s_ {mu chief y f d_ _Y comptroller, two thousand eight dnnam each _ 0 » st s o ivisions, at two thousand two hundred emu cl k , fue enographex; at one thousand six hundred doll·xrs· ,, I ers o class four; additional to bond cle k t J ` lm, eleven clerks or cl o. · · ‘ # "° *‘“¤°”°d **0*- , k ass rec, eight clerks of l- · · ‘ E GY sol; class one; two clerks at one thousand doll C (ms hw Ot, mgm rc s at nin li nh d . MS °“went? e un we dollars each, one messenger; twoiassistant