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238 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 389. 1882. e1¤rk,¤nd others. Senate, three thousand five hundred dollars; one chief clerk, at two thousand dollars; one disbursing clerk, at two thousand dollarn; one steuographer, at one thousand eight hundred dollars; three clnefn of division at two thousand dollars each; Eve clerks of class iour; tour clerks of class three; four clerks of class two; twelve clerlcs of class one; one clerk at one thousand dollars; two messengers; sxx assxstaut messengers; seven laborers; and snx watchman for the department building; in all, seventy-five thousand one hundred and forty dollars, Proviao. Provided, Than the President may authorize and direct the command- ' C¤¤¤¤¤¤di¤z ing general of the Army or the ehxef of any mlhtary bureau of the \Vmg°“°::: :2 lll: Department to perform the duties of the Secretary of War undenthe &",k,,,Q,,,dyby provisions of section one hundred and seventy-nine of the Revlsed President w Statutes, and section twelve hundred and twenty-two of the lievxsed . Y¤¤’¤¤ <l¤*i¤¤ °f B: Statutes shall not be held or taken to apply to the officer so designated "'lfg by reason of his temporarily pertorming such dunes, ‘ Ksjwg 2]5_ For the following additional force in the office of the Secretary of A uae 1: { on ¤ 1 War rendered necessary by increase of work relating to pensxons; Two •=i¢rk¤ clerks of class three; three clerks of class two; live clerks of class one; and two messengers; in all, fifteen thousand and eighty dollars. Examination, To enable the Secretary of War to have the rebel archives examined, 9¤=-» •>f NW •l¤l¤- and have copies furnished for the government, one clerk of class three; ‘"“· 0110 clerk of class two; three clerks of class one; in all six thousand six . hmndred dollars Contingent ex- For contingent expenses of his office, including blank-books, station- P°“°°¤- ery, and miscellaneous items, ten thousand dollars. oem or Adju- In nm Onmcm on nm A1>.rUcuM·-GENERAL.-One chief clerk, at

  • °*{*:$°¤:’°l· k two thousand dollars; eleven clerks of class four; seventeen clerks of

dgkst ;ud°0fhQmj class three; thirty-five clerks of class two; one hundred and fifty-one clerks of class one; six clerks at one thousand dollars each; eight assistant. messengers; in all, two hundred and ninety thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. ~ 1:xu·•¤1u·k»,•¢e. For thirty clerks of class one, and ten clerks at one thousand dol- · lars each, to be exclusively engaged in preparing and making reports no expedite the settlement of pension applications called for by the Commissioner of Pensions; one assistant messenger; in all, forty six thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars. €¤¤¤i¤s¤¤f cx- For contingent expenses, to wit, for stationery, printing, purchase of P*’“'°'· _ nie-eases, and fog- oiliee furniture and repairs, fifteen thousand dollars. wx A i t n o n al For the followlng additional force in the Office of the Adjutant Gen- “~ · eral, namely: thuteen clerks of class four; eight clerks of class three; twelve clerks of class two; one hundred and twenty-five clerksof class one, and the clerks provided for in this paragraph to be exclusively engaged m pyeparing and making reports to expedite the settlement of pexmon apphcatlous and soldiers claims; seven assistant messengers; seven watchman; and three laborers, in all two hundred and fifteen thousand and sixty dollars. Rent. For rent of additional building nr buildings for Adjutant General’s Office five thousand dollars Stationery, em. For stationery, purchase of additional file-cases, oiliee furniture and repairs, and miscellaneous expenses, fifteen thousand dollars. t 0-gx:. ofllnspw In cpm OFFICE- or mm Insrmcmon GENERAL. For one clerk of °‘ém:"°;mm¤_ §Eist:\o:;·gyotnelnl»r:·mmnt messenger; in all, two thousand five hundred r. 0

nv¤3.;;ic.g Mm- _1{1¤;R;aA¤é Ol; glxnrwanv Jusrxcn. One ehief clerk, an one thousand

CMR exg un rex_ ollars, one clerk of class three; two clerks of class l *’ one; one copymt; and one assistant messenger- in all seven thousand _ four hundred and twenty dollars. ’ ’ pcgougnngens ex- 'For qontmgent: expenses, including law books for judge-advocates smtxoned at department headquarters, one thousand ilve hundred dollars 35::1. ggieegm IN THB SIGNAL O1fF1CE. Two clerks of class four; one clerk of mm- class site :;1ld5on1e)f‘;?;ls·;stant messenger; in all, five thousand five hun-