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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 390. 1882. 277 For salaries and traveling expenses of agents at seal fisheries in Agents at seal Alaska lor eighteen hundred and eighty-one, two hundred and fifty-five 6Sh°’i°°- ` dollars. For expenses of lightvessels for eighteen hundred and seventy-nine Light-vessels. and prior years, seven dollars and ninety-two cents. Fpr steam-tender for the fourth district, seven dollars and ninety-two f S tg nm-tender, 0E1I B. ourt district. For Fowey Rocks lightstation, Florida, four dollars. _Fowey Rocks For Lite·Saving Service for eighteen hundred and seventy-nine and hghmmmm prior years, two hundred and eighty-three dollars and eighty-seven cents. For depot for thirteenth lighthouse district, nve dollars and sixty- Thirteenthlighttwo district. For fuel, lights, and water for public buildings for eighteen hundred F¤¤Uigh¤¤,¤§¤·. and seventyninc and prior years, one hundred and ten dollars and P“m‘° b‘“m‘ eighty-two cents. gs' WAR DEPARTMENT CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE SECOND WM D°l•¤r*· AUDITOR AND snoonn courrnonnnn.- '“°°*~ For pay of volunteers (Mexican war) for eighteen hundred and seventy- v0f1‘;;g’;_’; W ° ' one and prior years, two hundred and seventy-four dollars and thirty- ' - three cents. For pay of mounted riilemen (volunteers), under Colonel Fremont, for m’f°;H:if1°;°1“°· eighteen hundred and forty-six, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and ‘ prior years, one hundred and one dollars and sixty-six cents. — _ _ _ For traveling expenses of First-Michigan Cavalry prior to July first, C Fl';] M'°l“B°¤ _ eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, three hundred and nity-nine dol- "T"' ' lars and thirty-four cents. _ _ For traveling expenses of California and Nevada volunteers prior to Ngfdimlz I nd July nrst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, one hundred and fifty- mm ° V ““' nv; dom and twelve centsé I hm h _ C H [_ dm or ccting dI1H1D- ’ gan organizingvounteersineig n un., °°°¤¤S· ¤· dred and aventy-one ani] prior years, three dollars and twelve cents, ;Q§;s_°“"* v°1‘“" For draft and substitute fund for eighteen hundred and seventy-one MQ-f209m23d mband prior years, two dollars and seventy-nine cents. _ ‘ Fcraallowance for reduction of wages under eight-hour law prior to d W¤s·=¤·b·;*·<=i: ¤¤-\ July Ilrst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, thirty dollars and fifty- la? °‘g ‘ °‘“` six cents. ·-_ _ For contingencies of the Army for eighteen hundred and seventynine A1$¤**”S°”° ’ ° ¤· and prior years, two thousand two hundred and seventy-six dollars and y' sixtymeven cents. ‘ ‘ _ · For contingencies of the Army for same period, to pay the judgment, mffyal E- Whit including costs and interest rendered against Lieutenant Royal Whit- ‘ _ man, Third Cavalry, in the United States court in Nebraska, in eight- _ get: hundred and seventy-seven, two hundred and forty~mne dollars and y cents _ For medical and hospital department for same period, one thousand, ,5*63;** two hundred and nve dollars and ninety-six cents. P1 _I’_ ' For expenses of recruiting for same period, ninety-three dollars and R¤¤¤"¤¤¤¤¤z· forty-three cents. _ For expenses of recruiting for eighteen hundred and eighty-one, six hundred and forty-one dollars and three cents INTERIOR DEPARTMENT CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE SEC- m;::f**°¤' D°P*'*· OND AUDITOR AND SECOND COMPTROLLER. For pay of superintendent in Dakota for eighteen hundred and D£¤;1;;fi¤i€¤¢l¤¤*» Seventy-eight and prior years, forty-four dollars and forty-four cents. _~ F or pay of Indian agents for eighteen hundred and seventynmc and I¤d¤*¤ *3****-