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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. 309 For expenses of fog-signals: For establishing, renewing, duplicating, F<>s-¢·1is¤¤l¤· and improving_fog-signals and buildings connected therewith, and for repairs and incidental expenses of the same, sixty thousand dollars. For inspecting lights: For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights I¤¤1>¤¤'¤i¤:U8Y¤*¤· and other aids to navigation, including rewards paid for infomation as to collisions, four thousand dollars. _ For supplies of light houses: For supplying the light-houses, beacon Supplies. hghts, and fog-signals on the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Paciilc coasts with illuminating and cleansing materials, and such other materials as may be required for annual consumption, including the expenses of inspection and delivery of the same; for books and furniture for stations, and other incidental and necessary expenses, three hundred and seventy- llve thousand dollars. 1•‘or repairs_ of lighthouses: For repairs and incidental expenses of Repairs. light-houses and stations; for rebuilding, renovating, and improving the same, and building connected therewith; for the establishing and repairing of pier-head lights; and for the purchase and repairof illumi- Eating apparatus and machinery, three hundred and ten thousand o lars. For lighting »aud buoyage of tlm •Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Lights andbuoys Rivers: For maintenance of lights and buoys on the Mississippi, Ohio, <>¤ _2>Pi»Mi¤· and Missouri Rivers, and at the mouth of Red River, Louisiana, one i’}‘$;, of aglhiz hundredand hitythousaud dollars. ,,,,,1;,;,*,; 1;,,; » T3 goglgiw the lighting and buoyage of the Ohio River, fifteen thou- Bit er. san o That all parties owning, WWDYUE ¤f operating bridges over any Lighuonbriuges navigable riva shall maintain at their’own expense, nom sunset to sun- for ¤¤¤¤¤‘i*>’ <>f¤=*V· rise, throughout the year, such lights on their bridges as may be re- ‘g“°i°“· quired by the Light-House Board for the security of navigation: and in addition thereto all persons owning, occupying, or operating any bridge over any navigable river shall, in any event, maintain all lights on their bridge that may be necessary for the security of navigation. _ . , For sm·vey of light house sites: For examination and survey of sites survey or sites, for proposed light-houses mdprepadnglians forproposed structures, M. fm lightten thousand dollars._ ._ _ · Q .. - ]‘°"’°°· Lmutr-uonsms, mucous, Am} ro¤—·s1G1uLs. Iisht-hs: ¤f•;;: For rebuilding towerand keepers dwelling at Throgg’s Neck, entrance ui}'}, ,,°“ ,, M, _, to East River, New York, ten thousand dollars. Throggm 1{eck. For establishing a fog bell on the Hudson River at Danskammer Fog be11,_ Dans- Point, five thousand dollars. _ k°m'°°*' P°”*”· For the erection of a light-house at Tarrytown, on the Hudson Ihver, Light- ii ouse, twenty ilve thousand dollars. _ T¤¤y¤>W¤· For the construction of a light-house at or near Sakonnet Point, Rhode Sakonnet Point. Island, twenty thousand dollars. For the erection of a beacon light on the end of the west jetty-wall at s•yb¤»k Bar. Saybrook Bar, Connecticut, twenty thousand dollars. For building a lighthouse to replace the light-ship now on Fourteen- Fourteen Joot foot Bank, Delaware Bay, one hundred thousand dollars. _Bs¤k· For building a light-house on Sandy Point Shoal, Maryland, t0_ take Sandy Point place of the one on Sandy Point, and establish an efficient fog signal, Shultwenty five thousand dollars. _ For the eivitabliiglhment of tv? range lighgsiatlthe mouth of the Patux· Patuxent Riverentlliver, dtwen vetousan ears. _ Forcomplegzg thdlight-lnyonse at Sanibel Island, Punta Baca Harbor, Ssmbel Inland. Florldei thi thousand dollars. ~ For thehgblishment of a light and range hheaeonssstlthf turn of the Maumee Bay. chmmel through Maumee Bay Ohio, twenty thousand ars. _ _ For reconstructing the light 1'station at Waugeehance, Lake Michigan, Wsugoslama, and establishing a steam fog-signal, twenty-tlve thousand dollar!- L'*° m°*"¥""