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320 FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. Records of war For the publication of the official records of the war of the rebellion, °l "°'·?°m°"i °!°"‘ both of the Union and Confederate armies, as follows:

,:,':,“:,2_g P“bh°°` For continuing the publication of the official records, and printing

' and binding, under direction of the Secretary of W8l‘,.0f eleven thousand copies of a compilation of the official records, Union and Confederate, of the war of the rebellion, so tar as the same may be ready for _ publication during the iiscal year, thirty-six thousand three hundred dollars. Distribution. The volumes of the odicial records of the war of the rebellion shall be distributed as follows: One thousand copies to the executive departments, as now provided by law. One thousand copies for distribution by the Secretary of War among officers of the army and contributors to the work. Eight thousand three hundred copies shall sent by the · Secretary of War to such libraries, organizations, and individuals as may be designated by the Senators, Representatives, and Delegates of the Forty-seventh Congress. Each Senator shall designate not exceeding twentpsix, and each Representative and Delegate not exceeding twenty-one of such addresses, and the volumes shall be sent thereto from time to time as they are published, until the publication is completed. Seuatms, Representatives, and Delegates shall inform the Secretary of War in each case how many volumes of those heretofore published they have forwarded to such addresses. The remaining copies of the eleven thousand to be published, and all sets that may not be ordered to be distributed as provided herein, shall be sold by the Secretary of War for cost of publication with ten per cent. added thereto, and the proceeds of such sale shall be covered into the Treasury. lf two or more sets of said volumes are ordered to the same address the Secretary of War shall inform the Senators, Representatives, or Delegates, who have designated the same, who thereupon may designate other libraries, organizations or individuals. The Secreta.ry of War shall report to the first-session of the Forty-eighth Congress what volumes of the series heretofore published have not been furnished to such iihraries, organizations and individuals. He shall also inform distribntees at whose instance the volumes are sent. mm,,., ,0,,- For- the expenses of military convicts: For payment of costs and vim. charges of State penitentiaries for the care, clothing, maintenan and medical attendance of United States military convicts confined irlxthem, . twelve thousand dollars. _ Artillery aohoor, For the artillery school at Fortress Monroe, Virginia: To provide for F•¤¤¤¤K¤¤¤¤· text hooks, drawing mate:3 models, and material necessary in the science of engineering and ery, stations , and miscellaneous necessariesforuseof thesehool, five thousand dollars. · P p;:::, For the support of the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, ven! g folbwg ; For subsistence stores, oil for illuminating purposes, wicking and lamps and lanterns, and for tobacco for issue to prisoners on special orexcessive hard labor, twenty-two thousand dollars; For hay for prisoners' bedding, three hundred and seventy-six dollars ; For hard wood for making steam and for heating and cooking, ten thousand dollars; For hose, bclting, machine-oil, cotton-waste, and for repairs, and for stoves and stove-pipe, one thousand dollars; d Rig; stationery and blank-books for officers, three hundred and sixty ° i For stamped envelopes and letter r for the use of prrso' u and $$0:2 periodicals, and newspapeprxrilibr the prison library, fdlrilrlhun- . ll rs; For hats and material for clothin for rison rs n disch thensand dollars; g P e 0 urge, one or paving-brick for cisterns and co in -stone for rison-w l ' hundred and thirty dollars; P g P M S, su