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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. 323 two of the not entitled “An act making appropriations for the payment 21 SWL, 350- 0f invalid and other pensions of the United States for the fiscal year ending June ll Ertieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and for deiiciencies, and for other purposes," approved February twentysixth, glgllgteen hundred and eighty-one, is hereby revived and continued iu For the collection and payment of bounty, prize-money, and other Bounty, etc., to claims of colored soldiers and sailors: For payment of agents; rent of °¤l*•¤¤¢! ¤<>!di¤¤¤ offices; stationery, office-furniture, and repairs; mileage and transporta- ““d “‘“l°"“· tion of officers and agents; telegraphing, postage, and post—olIice money- ' orders, two thousand nine hundred dollars. For the Mississippi River Commission as follows; Miasissippikiver l·’0r salaries and traveling expenses of the commission, office expenses, U¢>¤¤¤i€¤i¤¤- and reduction of work; for continuation of surveys and gaugings of the . S“I‘“"°“· "'“;'°l' Mississippi River and its tributaries; for permanent gauge-stations and mg °xp°D°°°’° °' borings; and for publication of maps and results, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and an itemized statement of the expenditure of this itemized statesumshull be included with the annual report of the commission to Con- oogoogpgudigrass` tgmgress. I o ? UNDER THE NAVY DEPARTMENT.Navy _Department. APPROPRIATION FOR TRANSIT OF VENUS, EIGHTEEN HUNDRED no Tmnsitorvenus. mGIu·¥-Two. To enable the Secretary of the Navy to organize parties to observe Appropriation. the transit of Venus in December, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, . seventyhve thousand dollars z Provided, That this appropriation shall Previous. be expended, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, under the direction of the Trausit—of$Venus Commission created by the - act approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and the 17 Stat., 361. provision in the act of March sixth, eighteen hundred and eightytwo, creating the Superintendent of the Nautical Almanac an additional $¤I¤¤i¤*¤¤•i¢¤* member: Providedfurllwr, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he g°N:;‘;;‘;,?:n€1°,'f“; is hereby, authorized to detail a vessel of the Navy to convey parties ,,,,,,,,;,,,1. of wm. to such points selected for the observation of said transit of Venus as misslometc. are-not otherwise easily accessible: Provided further, That all officers P’°¤¤¤•· of the government serving with the parties engaged in observing the . said transit of Venus shall be paid the regular compensations and allowances irom the appropriations for the support of the branches of public service to which the said officers are severally attached; but allowances for traveling expenses, quarters, and subsistence shall be paid out of this appropriation, or, in lieu thereofl the said Trans1t—o£ Venus Commission may substitute a fixed sum per diem, for the expenditure of which bills properly receipted by the recipients, with the approval of the presiding officer of the said commission, shall be suincient vouchers to the accounting officers of the Treasury: Andprmuded further, That no part of this appropriation shall be covered into the Treasury until the objects for which it is made shall have been accomplished. ‘ . NAVY-YARDS AND STATIGNS. Nnvy·y•rds, atc. For the navy-yard at Brooklyn, New York: For dredging, construct- Brooklyn. ing sewer, and for caisson for dry-dock, one hundred and fifty thousand ll . GOFS? the navyyard at Washington: For dredging channel, twenty Washington. thousand dollars; for two dredging-scows, seven thousand eight hun- , d dollars. . rlgr the navy-yard at Norfolk: For cistern, five thousand dollars, Norfolam For the navy-yard at Mare Island, California: For completmgiron- Nw 6. dating shop three thousand dollars ; for continuation of d , two lsundrod and fifty thousand dollars; for enlarging reservoir, ten thousand dollars. And the said dock shall he completed of granite, unless